Where is the American embassy?

How did you get over the difficulty?

Such things are often accidental rather than malicious.

The legend says he was invulnerable.

It's starting to get cold here.

James was very emotional.

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I won't sleep.


Has anybody seen Per?

It works wonders.

Who wrote this book?


He is a boy, she is a girl.

Romain loves to play and romp with his kids when he gets home from work.

Now I've lost all hope of reaching any type of agreement with him.

The seasonal rain front is moving in tomorrow.

Is Loyd here now?

Orville isn't sure he's ready.

She's too trusting.


"I got you a present, here you go." "What, for me?! Thank you!"

Reinhard cried out for help.

He's antisocial.

Let me hear from you very soon.

I finally found time to sit down and read the newspaper.

Miltos would care.

She is no longer the cheerful woman she once was.


I thought you'd be in Boston this week.

I never did a day's work in my life, it was all fun.

Why are you carrying a gun?


He's a professor at the National University.

The chick peeps.

Jerry's troubles are only beginning.

Charles is used to that type of situation.

Leslie is supposed to be in Boston by now.

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Please answer the question.


The water is in the bottle.

That was where the two armies would fight again.

Are you really afraid to be in the same room with Tony?

I'd like a room with a good view, please.

She came alone.

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Does Anthony think Kerry did it?

Do we represent you?

Allen came yesterday.


Hector looks a little worried.

It was a prudent move.

They're ready.


Apples are produced in this district.


She seem to be getting fatter.


I have to find out what's going to happen.

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What's Carsten's middle name?


I came to talk to him.

I need to know what's going on.

Is Byron your daughter?

Rees sprinkled some sugar on the toast.

Do you mind if I sit next to you?


Graham has been gone for over three hours.


A flight attendant was rescued from the wreckage of the passenger plane.


I surely hope you can help us.


I bought fresh bread.

Just the gesture is enough, thank you.

It's too hard for me.

I had enough money to buy that dress.

He was wonderfully good-looking, with his crisp brown hair, his clear-cut profile, and his grey eyes.

Louis's pulse is strong.

It's pretty galling to think about how long the affair was going on before I found out about it.

We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Yes, it is the statement of a certain legend of the Baskerville family.

The average man is bigger than I.

We'll think of something else.

I think that she is from Egypt.

He was kind enough to help me with my studies.

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Tell him everything is fine.

The mayor acknowledged her services to the city.

They have three children, six grandchildren, and their first great-grandchild is due in the winter.

He barely speaks to me anymore.

I had some questions and raised my hand.

Miriam and Andrea are probably on vacation.

The surgeon forgot something inside the patient.

What a disgusting idea!

Valeria said she was going to dance all night.


What a foolish suggestion!

I have them all.

Are all the books on the table?

Liu Xiaobo is Chinese.

In university towns, people are constantly coming and going.


We've come for Simon's things.

I congratulated her on her success in the examination.

I was taken advantage of.


I've been to church.

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Thus always to tyrants!


I have two dogs, three cats, and six chickens.

It will grow back.

This is not a video game. This is real life.

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If you drive carefully you'll avoid accidents.

A nuclear war would mean the fall of humankind.

The captain is responsible for the safety of passengers.

It's one of the most polluted cities in the world.

I'm not sure this is necessary.

This textbook has a lot of notes.

Did you book accommodation at the hotel?

I want to speak to your boss.

It has already been expained to you: a battle requires discipline and coordination.

Fair words fill not the belly.

What exactly did you ask Chet?

Over 300 people were arrested.

Nobody predicted this would happen.

You couldn't have picked a better time.

What are some good French movies?

The path stretching from that house to the bamboo thicket was laid with stone paving.

Frederic tied his boat to the dock.

We are writing.

He likes what I've done.

The King had hardly made a few steps to the door when he was startled by Morshu's mean laughter. The trickster merchant jumped out from behind the couch. "I got you on camera! I got you on camera!" he grinned triumphantly. "Me too," Ganon appeared next. "Hey, that's not nice!" the King cried frustratedly. "Give me that!" Morshu easily dashed a few attempts to snatch the camera. "Oh no, King, we're already putting this on YouTube!" Ganon gloated. "For the lulz!" "The lulz!" Morshu joined. "No, please, no!" the King beat his fists against the floor in despair. "Stop it, stop the uploading! Please, PLEASE!" "Hehehe," Ganon had the smuggest smirk on his face, "this is better entertainment than stealing offering money!"

Why did you tell him that?


I like to paint with watercolors.

Nigel has a brother named John.

Mike has just told me his plans.


He seems to live in Britain.

Who'd want to hire me?

I hope for your success.

After my graduation, I'd like to go to Shanghai, in order to study China's history.

For each his own golden calf.

Do as I told you to do.

Does Kimberly already know?


You're a prankster, Rich.

"What's in your cauldron?" "It's just soup!"

It's too hot for me.

Stagger left this message.

Uncle Bob fixed my clock. It keeps good time now.


He was asleep during the lesson.

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My son isn't the only one who enjoys eating her cooking.

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The dogs chased Hal through the woods.


We've been far too lenient with Vladimir.

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My mother always wears lipstick.

Ernst took his sunglasses off and handed them to Hon.

You know this isn't the way we should be doing this.


If I should die, please offer my heart to someone who needs it.

You need to be honest with us.

Tomorrow's Sunday.

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Please lend me your dictionary.

Cynthia accused Romain of being a thief.

How old were you when this town had the big fire?


Can I do it today?


He denies that he did that.

I think it's necessary.

That's really crazy.

I can't watch this any longer.

A pair of Ronald Reagan's cowboy boots, which were valued at $20,000, sold for almost $200,000.


The human heart is analogous to a pump.

Richard stood quickly.

These shoes are very comfortable.

I played checkers with Shahid all afternoon.

I thought it unusual that he was up so late at night.

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I wish my dream would come true.


You make the world such a wonderful place.

I told her to meet me here.

I returned from abroad.

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Do you want to go with him?

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Herve threatened to tell on me.