Trevor was killed with a crowbar.

The firefighters put out the fire on the spot.

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There are also privacy concerns.

The stewardess handed Vivek a drink.

How late was the train?


Can you just keep an eye on Mahesh?

What if my parents find out?

Hokkaido is to the north of Honshu.

I stopped one.

Mohammad was in no particular hurry.

I will give you a call as soon as I get home.

Bite your tongue.


He seems to have been sick last week.

Graham was beat to a pulp by his father.

Didn't I tell you Honzo would be late?

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It's a lot of fun to play basketball.


I walk in the rain like an idiot and you're not there.

Magnus is making a list of things that need to be done.

Every time I think of Rakhal, I get a lump in my throat.

Chip grabbed Rex's fishing pole to help her pull in the fish.

How long do you intend to spend at the library?

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Suzanne said he didn't want anything from me.

We were all so excited.

He skimmed through the material.

She's a bad influence.

She always gives her baby noodles for food.

She hasn't come here yet. I am afraid she may have lost her way.

I've been way busier than expected.

Go to bed!

Winston Churchil was the Prime Minister of Britain during the Second World War.


The moment he saw me he ran away.

Horst still hasn't gotten over the shock.

The boy was awarded a prize for good conduct.

I asked Marc to turn around.

I don't accept your arguments.


Ned would never try to steal my job.

To no one's surprise, loud noise has been proved to affect one's sense of hearing.

We often send each other pictures.

Ilya never worried about Spudboy.

I'd love a good massage.

Tad heard the temple bell in the distance.

I don't work on Mondays.

We like Green stadium.

We need to find what's inside these boxes.

His mother didn't allow him to ride a motorbike.

I have to speak to Howard immediately.

Get your friend to help you.

The weather is snowy.

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Hwa remained poor his whole life.


Do you play any sports?


I handled it properly.

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She has a very open personality.

Can I offer you guys a ride?

It was worth the wait.


I'm a truck driver.

You may wear what clothes you please, or no clothes at all, in your own house, but if a man were to assert his right to walk down Regent street clad solely in his shirt the public would have a right to object.

We must not allow these problems to affect the project.

I have to help Mother.

This is a three-star hotel; three hundred dollars a night.

Once you do it, you see that it's not as hard as it sounds.

Ira motioned to the door.


What's the meaning of that word?


It will be three months before our new school building is completed.

Hohn is a very nice boy.

Would you like to drink something?

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Yamamoto is one of my friends.


We have to find a way to do that.


I have not seen him for a long time.

There are only a few days left before the end of the year.

Leslie parked the car across from Ramsey's house.

Peace cannot exist without tolerance.

Manuel doesn't look busy.

I can't straighten out my back.

It's my job to take care of the baby.

Although her house is nearby, I seldom see her.

This scheme is clumsy production wise.


It will not be long before man can travel to the moon.


Which way shall we go now?


I think we should buy a new house.


Syed watched TV yesterday.

I know how to handle kids like Elizabeth.

You could've asked me.

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Shuvra has gone outside.

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Were you able to find Ronald?

My cousin had been sick in bed for a week when I visited him.

Allah is great!

Follow your dreams.

Maria is the teacher.

Stone was used to build their houses.

My teacher's instructions are always to the point.

I think Bruno should stay away.

They'll accept the gifts.

She is out of danger.

Would you like to go have a drink?

Daddy was in his office, under our flat.

Do you know of any good movies to watch?

They walked with him to an old wooden building near the farmhouse.

I blab about the boy all the time.

I don't want to fail the test.

The road across the mountain was narrow, and what's more, it was a steep slope.

I would rather stay at home than go alone.

The snow prevented the train from running.

Gerald served a three-year prison term.

Serdar changed a few words on the report and resubmitted it.

I wish I had been a bird.

We were lucky of having born in the same galaxy.

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Let's agree on this: you don't tell me what to do, and I won't tell you where to go.

He opened the mussels with a knife.

Robert is as busy as we've ever seen him.

I would like to visit New York someday.

Oskar likes oranges and eats three or four a week.

I don't really get the point.

Well, tell me what you know.

How many hours a day do you study French?

What would the advantages be?

What are they rehearsing?

What did you think of Ric?

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She complained about the sentence.


The truth is that we can't live without air.

I'm not the only one who is tired of the work. She is, too.

Spain was ruled by a dictator until 1975.


That was a stupid thing you did, Sorrel.


May I ask another question?


Before you reached drinking age, you couldn't stand family parties.


You must look after the child.

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Can I get someone down here to help me?


Tell Rayan that he needs to wear a tie tomorrow.

The money on the desk is not mine.

If it rains on that day, the game will be postponed until the next fine day.

Do you mind if I sit down?

The pain was unbearable.

Just one look at the amusing dispenser, colorful animal tiles, two-sided bingo cards, and transparent monkey chips and you know you're in for some serious fun.

Jack broke his mother's valuable vase, but he didn't do it on purpose, so she wasn't angry.

Perhaps you would like me to give you the key to my apartment where I keep my money, too?

Are you saying Ira is dangerous?


Rees worked for weeks on that project.

What is his daily goal?

I've got to get to a meeting.

I might be able to help you tomorrow.

That sofa is less expensive than this table.

Here the wages are paid in proportion to the amount of work done.

Have you told Klaudia who to give that to?

Croatia is a country located in the southeastern part of Europe.

Juliane says he doesn't really want to talk about this.


Notice the hands of the people you meet and you will be surprised to see how different and how interesting they are.

I like dogs and cats.

That down pillow looks expensive.

If I had to choose between those two books, I would choose the one with the yellow cover.

Troy doesn't like studying.

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I almost called Antony.

I have to book a hotel room.

He will come of age next year.

That's what Eduardo remembers.

The recipe serves six people.

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Takayuki was pretty tired.


Have I done something to make Herve mad at me?


I want them to know the truth.


Morton took the knife away from Kees.

The reduced price of luxury goods is just window dressing to make the new consumption tax look better.

He made a small dog house.