I shouldn't have done what I did.

Beth shouldn't have told Rafik what John did.

These scissors are suitable for left and right-handed people.

That flower is fragrant. I didn't pick it, however.

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We can go inside.

It will not do to blame him for the accident.

This old fish tastes weird.


He is a member of the board of the company.

I want to hire Radek.

I have no clue what I'm doing.


What's your pre-tax income?

Let her relax.

The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else.


He set up the school.

Give me your address.

I'm a lot bigger than you are.

When are you coming to see me?

We've been horsing around too much; it's high time we got down to brass tacks.

We're trying to beat them.

Anyone who breaks this rule is liable to severe punishment.


It seems that my son is now at a rebellious age and recklessly opposes us.


Is it too difficult?


Would you explain that chart to me?

I want you to give Anatoly another chance.

A storm is coming.

Whoever told you such a ridiculous story?

Bret angrily shoved Gregg away.

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Have you ever smelled this perfume?

What is a think tank?

The drawing is bad.


I told you this would happen.

I'd like to thank you again for everything you've done for us.

There was no one in the room besides Marc and Roberto.

Elaine works at a drugstore.

We must keep the customers satisfied.

Germans show an enormous commitment to the European Union and its institutions.

Can I question her?


A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

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They may pass.

I'm going to go get some help.

Darci has lost about thirty pounds.

How many days did the Six-Day War last?

I decided to enter the room.

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How did you come to hear that?


He is absorbed in playing tennis, but his brother goes in more for football and baseball.

Excuse me, which way to the station is the shortest?

Behave yourselves.

That famous poet planned on killing himself in his library.

They put up with muscle pain.

We can but do our best.

Annie didn't stay in Boston very long.

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Maybe we can talk about this some other time.

The beauty of that country is beyond description.

His house could be seen from the top of the hill.

The hunter aimed at the bird, but missed.

Bradley and I went to a piano recital.

What was his talk about?

There was a food fight in the cafeteria.

Hopefully, everyone will stay and help me clean up after the party.

Visiting Elliott was a lot of fun.

I'll lend you my book.

You changed a lot.

Please go around to the side of the house.

We need a goal.


Let me tell you more.

He must have drunk too much last night.

I do a lot in parallel, therefore I do not only read Akutagawa. At the moment, I am reading more and more in English. I am also reading a bit in German every day.

He decided to perform systematic research.

Allow an hour to get to the station.


This is a long tough road we have to travel.

The fish is baked slowly till browned over a not-too-close fire.

Ilya told me he wanted to buy a new battery for his car.

It's bitter cold.

You first.

I hate that idea.

It was a long day.

That experiment led to a great discovery.

We're in danger.

She says I need a fresh start.

She admitted her involvement in the robbery.

Wow, it's really late.

Go pick her up.

I didn't know you had a sister.

You are always finding fault with me.

Why has something not been done?

My wife took good care of this dog.

Do you have any foreign beer?

Have your paper on my desk by Thursday.

I'll vouch for you.

You're not helping, Mann.

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Srivatsan should've done that yesterday.

I didn't expect Charlene to help.

She bought some rye bread.

The ship swayed in the strong wind.

I'm having trouble believing it.

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Melinda listened to what Emmett was saying.


He is homeward bound.

He can play the guitar.

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday.

The banks are closed Sunday.

This is a time of rejoicing.

There are too many places to visit within the short time that we have in Boston.

Marriage can be a wonderful thing if two people understand each other.


The students observed as the teacher demonstrated the science experiment.

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He gone, Spencer remained thus alone in this sentence.

The idea got stuck in my head.

We've been doing some gardening.


The coldest place in Canada is the research base Eureka, in Nunavut.

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I see no reason why I shouldn't put it into practice.


It's bad manners to make a noise when you eat soup.

We're all going to be just fine.

She's short, but fat.

Have you asked Ritchey out yet?

I'm sorry I was rude before.


It can't be removed. It's fixed.


The monk prays for an hour, while the nun boils the herb in the kitchen.

Well, it's complicated.

The Earth and the Solar System in which it is are located in the Orion Spur, not even a full, genuine Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

Take it home.

I couldn't stop myself from yawning.

Johnnie, Maria! Come downstairs kids, food's ready!

The only question now is how we're going to get home.


I'm sure we can do better.

Straighten up.

Reuben's busy right now, maybe come by later?

I'm going to change my clothes.

Tracy's drinking has caused a lot of problems in his marriage.

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I'll put my passport back in the safe.

Serdar is obviously trying to cause trouble.

Now I wish to go to sleep.


I bought a pig in a poke yesterday.

How long does it take to go to the Toshima Ward Office?

You sound like her.


I will always detest Julia.

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I know how special you are.


It was such a lovely day that everybody was feeling happy and cheerful.


Who'll come?

You don't need to speak so loud.

I'm going to get you to talk to Stefan.

You need an elevator if you want to go down twenty storeys.

I think you'd agree.

The movie is two and a half hours long.

For her, floods frighten less than earthquakes.

Do you really think I will forgive you?

"3.14" written in English is written as "3,14" in Turkish and French. It is read as "three point one four" in English and "three comma fourteen" in Turkish and French.


I already tried that.

I just want to know why you didn't come over to help yesterday.

Do you really think you're going to win?

We made a list.

I was too tired to stand.

I'm here for another reason.

It was effective.

I authorize my workers to leave early.

Physically, a man is a man for a much longer time than a woman is a woman.

I waited for him at the station for an hour, but he didn't show up.

He must have been on steroids to have run that fast.

The ice on the lake is too thin to bear your weight.

The soap irritated my eyes.

It was named after Frankfurt, a German city.

They bought a house in Connemara last year.

Sentences bring context to the words. Sentences have personalities. They can be funny, smart, silly, insightful, touching, hurtful.

You're so nosy.


Did you tell them when to come?

Let's pick up Kikki.

Rafik wanted to get his driver's license as soon as he could.