There's no other way out.

Just tell him the truth.

We're not needed.

In general, men run faster than women.

I don't think that's correct in any case.

The sun isn't up yet.

You will miss the train.

Are you still seeing Floria?

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I'm sorry, Mason, I didn't mean that to sound like a complaint.

Scot knew Izchak wasn't happy.

Presley changed the future.

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What he is today he owes to his father.

These can be classified roughly into three types.

Takeshi hopes to go to London to study English.


He lost his only son in an accident.

Isn't everything beautiful?

You know that I'm willing to try this.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful.

I've been trying to find her.


It would be cool if I could speak three languages.


He didn't trust his brother enough to confide in him.

I don't know for certain when he'll come back.

I don't think I've ever done that.

Philippe has twice as many books as I do.

South Africa is far away.


Jim will not come today.

Those aren't my rules.

It's Pravin's fight.

Could you turn off the radio?

I love my parents.

Irfan and Stephan know the truth.

That is very exciting.


He was eating a sandwich.

Of course, there will probably be many mistakes.

This isn't my responsibility. It's yours.


In terms of the pay you will get, is this a good job?

Another thing to believe!

This time, the exam was not just difficult, but also, the questions were ambiguous.

Hartmann bought a new sport utility vehicle so that her children would be comfortable when she drove them to soccer practice.

He did his best to carry out the plan.

The movie takes a stab at the bourgeoisie.

My favorite song is "Hotel Tatoeba".

I didn't see anything else.

I felt inadequate to the task.

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Dan claimed he stole the diamond from a rich businessman's wife.

I live an hour away from work.

Menopause is the permanent cessation of the ovaries' primary functions.

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I wanted to have lunch with Shadow tomorrow, but he told me he'd be out of town.

I saw the file.

The little girl screamed at the top of her lungs.

Did you see anybody else in the park that night?

The boy was to lose his mother at an early age.


Dana never breaks promises.


The stock market is severely depressed.

We invited our new neighbors over for a drink.

Pilot and Janet were staring at each other.

Jayant might be playing chess with Janet right now.

He told me that she will not tell him what happened to me on the day he saw me talking about the story about the girl who got killed.

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep.

I need you on my side.

I realise the problem.

I won't be giving up.


Gunter was satisfied.

He had too much control over my life.

You're making no sense.

Every time I see Manavendra, he's eating something.

We were there.

I was aggressive.

You're not really going, are you?

I should've told her sooner.

Arriving early is good.

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You can identify children's voices without any problem.

It takes just over half an hour to read this story.

As of midnight tonight the contract becomes effective.

When seen in the perspective of half-a-dozen years or more, the best of our fashions strike us as grotesque, if not unsightly.

Silence reigned during the speech.

Do you like writing?

Come on, I'll give you a hand.


I don't remember the last time I enjoyed myself this much.

Because I do sit-ups every day, you can finally see my six pack.

The problem was we didn't have enough time.

How many engineers took part in the conference?

Jenine works for a small company.


"Mom, you need to sign this." "Let me read it." "No, it's okay. You don't have to."

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You knew I was here.

We're having some people over.

How long does it take you to get here from your house by train?

I am beyond not in the mood for this crap today.

She speaks five foreign languages, but when she wants to curse she speaks in her mother tongue.


That's a table.

He should have arrived by this time.

I love video games.

I could tell you things about Donne that you probably don't know.

You must do the work, even if you do not like it.

He is an intelligent boy.

He knows how to tell lies.

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For God's sake, Dannie, what the hell is this?


The latter means foregoing certain foods, pleasures, or possessions.

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Everything was as it had been when I left there.

Andrew dropped a coin into the beggar's cup.

Sangho knows this isn't going to go well.

Do exactly what we tell you to do.

I don't need a ride.

His father is Japanese.

What do I like to do?

The new system proved a success.

Polly revealed the secret.


Drinking beer makes me refreshed.

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Leads got here earlier than Elvis did.

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Nothing's been touched.

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He was injured in his left leg in the accident.

Would you like to see my tattoo?

It happened that I was in her room.


The project will start soon, so watch out for it.

They armed themselves with rifles.

Something tells me that you're hiding something.

I like my old brass tea pot.

I can't hold it anymore.


This may seem nearly impossible, but it's actually very simple.

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We expect an early settlement of the affair.

He is old, but he's worn well.

I'd like to make a reservation to play golf tomorrow.

Ranjit nodded his head almost imperceptibly.

Does anyone here speak French?

I don't want to tell him.

Rusty already knows what my opinion is.

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It is not given to everybody to study abroad.


It's not even on the map.


This word is really beautiful.


Your scheme is like a house built on the sand.

My wife is always complaining about something.

The plane will arrive at three.


Herbert also has a brother.


Loren gave us some useful information.


I boiled one.

Did you have a good time with Real?

I get the feeling you're trying to tell me something.

I want to see this.

The USA is composed of 50 states.

We both love them.

I'll take a shower.

I know a lot of good restaurants.

His expenses exceed his income by far.

It's time the kids went to bed.

I have an urgent message for Kari.

Can you make some alterations on this product?

One thing a married man should never forget is his wedding anniversary.

Seen from a distance, it looked like a human face.

She asked me: "Who arrived first?"


Turkeer put gas in the car.

She was looking forward to seeing him again.

I like studying English.

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It helps a young man find his place in the world if he has a mentor.

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Nobody remembers my country.

There's something I need you to do.

Are there bears around here?

I've brought you something.

The furrier gets the skins of more foxes than asses.

How likely is that?

Jeffie should've called.

Jordan went to the hardware store to buy another hammer and some nails.

We're short of something.