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I will never see him.

I thought you said your name was Son.

Is your mother at home?


She braided my hair.

Alan asked something.

It doesn't mean what you think it means.

Cris poured himself a glass of scotch.

It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives.

As there was a fly in my coffee, I didn't have to pay the bill.

Your name was mentioned.

Pamela was touched by an angel.

He is the only child they have.

Craig doesn't have a microwave oven.

The dial code for Bulgaria is +359.

It is essential that every child have the same educational opportunities.

This is a serious and big storm.

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The burglars gagged the home owner and tied him to a chair.

I can't imagine how Lars has put up with Hurf all these years.

Tell me how you feel about them.

I'm studying French grammar.

First l was afraid.

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She saw some books lying on the piano.


Being a philologist, studying languages was necessary for his work.

Sir has been living with us for the last three months.

Stacey did that on purpose.


He attended the meeting as the company representative.

They say it will rain.

What are you doing in Oman?

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He presented me to his brother.

We had lunch.

The policeman put him in a chokehold.

Why stop at a kiss?

He's the most dangerous man who ever lived.

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I'm closing this operation down.

He is the novelist whom I admire most.

I wonder why it's so crowded here today.

Tony is a very well-respected astronomer.

Let's just have some fun.


You have to understand the circumstances.

Tigger told me he thought he was going to die in prison.

Do you remember the time we went to the zoo together when we were kids?

We need to give students the tools they need to communciate in a foreign language, not simply teach them rote phrases.

This problem is hard to solve. So you had better begin with that one.

Mehrdad asked me to leave.

My youngest brother has two children from his first marriage, and another child from his second.

I like being with them.

We have to buy Cindy a birthday present.


I was born on the 31st of May in 1940.

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Izzy could've been the flower girl.

Please wait ten minutes.

I forgot you don't like carrots.

As you say.

Do you refuse to leave with us?

This church is not a big one, as churches go.

What is RNA?

I wonder why Shawn turned down that job.

They want you out there right away.


You go first next time.

Dan may have been having an affair.

Rik did everything Jem asked him to do.


Please choose your character.


Pilot got out of the jeep.

He has very bad handwriting.

Go and see him in person.


Kemal is trying to quit.

Elwood picked up the soccer ball.

It took me several hours to draw it.

And what was her answer?

Bill can speak Japanese a little.

His house was out of the way.

Let's go to the beach.

He wants to work in China for two years.

They are not little children.

The situation was very comical.

Do not spit on the walls.

I am completely accustomed to this kind of work now.

They live in poverty.

Come on everybody.

You should be in charge.

I'm taking my stuff upstairs.

The battery indicator light is showing that the battery is not getting charged.


Please tell them I'm here.

Do you want to go out for coffee?

Roxie doesn't know who she should ask.

Keep me posted.

No one is waiting at the bus stop. We may have missed the bus.

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They definitely know.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

I don't know if you'll be here when I return.

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It costs twenty euros.

The timing couldn't be better.

She's being entertained.


I need something to eat.

Lorraine is strong enough to lift that.

What's Pablo doing out there?

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How'd you like to go to Boston with us?

Don't look away.

It's difficult to tell which is which for burnable and non-burnable rubbish as well, isn't it?

She went to America.

I think that he is too young.


This was a great gift for her.

This cookbook has recipes for every imaginable occasion.

I'm not certain that I trust Winnie.


I didn't get the invitation.

I study psychology.

I'll just introduce myself.


Keep calm and be mature!

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I heard a call for help.


They were not aware that I was not there.

There are some things that I don't understand.

It was embarrassing the way my parents bragged about me at the concert.

Stefan became tired of always having to pay the bill every time he went out with Nikolai.

You know, you made me cry.

There's lots of war poetry on the syllabus.

Seriously? I haven't noticed.

Almost everyone was late.

I use the fork.

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They work as hard as ever.

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She has a daughter who is tall.


Kylo certainly was polite.


I'm convinced that Celeste didn't do what Ranjit accused him of doing.

The Shitennouji is the most ancient temple in Japan.

I am ironing my dress.

This shop uses only recycled paper.

Have you given any more thought to what I told you?

"Taxi, Follow that car!". "I can't, it's illegal"

He's a very good teacher, so his children really listen to him.

In Japan, even the whites who spoke Japanese fluently were not dealt with as Japanese.

If you say, "I love you," then I will also say that to you.


There are some very common grammar mistakes that even an educated man might make if he isn't paying close enough attention.


The weather was rainy.


I don't want to see him naked.

It's a fixer-upper.

He's preparing for the journey.

I'm sure Sumitro will be here any second.

When I was a child I often walked in the woods.

Heather is going to sing.

Jane is a most charming girl.

Don't worry about it!

I won't see her again.


Since when do you care about what happens to us?


I want to take you out to dinner tonight.

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I sometimes still think about her.

I've never forgotten Lyndon's birthday.

I'm not sure if I'll do that.

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Evan is just a little boy. How should he know what to do?

Do you want me to help them?

Do you wish to complain?

He wants to reach a wider audience.

You are listening to English.


Would you like to wait in the room?

The train was so packed that I had to stand up during the whole trip.

I'd be very surprised if Eli isn't at the party tonight.

Anatoly didn't believe a word.

The walls are thin and the beds are quite squeaky.

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There are a lot of fires in the winter.

We missed you, too.

Is Marty more intelligent than you are?


I have to take two pills every six hours.

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When I accidentally stood on the cat's tail, she hissed at me and raced out of the room.