It's already almost ten p.m. It's time for bed.

The ocean floor is being studied by some scientists.

The actions she took were too careless, and she was left defenseless.

He fell in love with the girl at first sight.

Certain things are better left unsaid.

We'll save you.

This star cannot be seen by the naked eye.

The President cannot make clouds to rain and cannot make the corn to grow, he cannot make business good; although when these things occur, political parties do claim some credit for the good things that have happened in this way

The teacher gave a presentation on the history of France.

My mother had cooked supper when I got home.

There must have been a large audience at the concert.

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I really like this picture of you.

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Where's the key? Ah, you have it.

Meros is absolutely not a liar.

Sehyo heard Roger snoring in the next room.


I can memorize anything.

Hwa got hit by a girl.

My Administration will take appropriate action, consistent with law and policy, to disclose information rapidly in forms that the public can readily find and use.

What do I do?

That half of the battle would not be easy.

I could actually see myself living here.

Miki bought a house for Fay.

Sergio knows Arthur better than anyone.

I was in the ninth grade last year.

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I went to a book sale.

When did she leave the classroom?

Sorrel showed me around the park.

She walked up to him and asked him what his name was.

What's with all the flowers?

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Do you think you could make it before noon?

Are you ready to admit you're wrong?

He does nothing but schlep around the house all day long.


Such men count for much in the society.

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I know what you're looking for is still in there.


This river is two hundred kilometers long.


He belongs to the diplomatic corps.

Canada, Belgium and Switzerland encourage bilingualism; knowing at least two languages, perhaps even three or more, is a real advantage.

I considered changing my job.


The story was so funny that I split my sides.

Colonizing Mars is just starting to become a hot-button issue.

I smelled one.

Your wish is my command.

Allah is great!

Who told them to do that?

Lois wants to know what we're doing here.

I will save up money for when I'm old.

I am still searching for the truth.


Syd won't back off.

Yesterday I went to the opera.

How do you feel about this, Barton?

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There were books lying about the room.


The last part of the legend was added later.

Easter bunnies are an oviparous species in the mammal family of Leporidae.

Are these allegations true?

I think he is honest.

If you don't keep quiet I'll punch you in the nose.

And Pilate having seen that it profiteth nothing, but rather a tumult is made, having taken water, he did wash the hands before the multitude, saying, 'I am innocent from the blood of this righteous one.'

I don't know if I can get used to that.

We expected that things would get better, but, as it is, they are getting worse.

I'm dying to go to the toilet.

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I've had my eye on you for a while.

Why do women open their mouths when they apply makeup to their eyes?

Toufic only wanted a cheeseburger.

The coffee is nasty.

Harris broke that promise, too.

I love kids.

Darci is off my list of evil ones for today.

Are you for real?!

Raja persuaded me to stay.

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Do you think this is a movie?


This is the tallest scaffolding I've ever seen in my life.

I am losing my patience with you.

Did you find them?


I'm bad at writing sentences.

Cristi almost forgot his umbrella.

I hate strong-minded women.

I've got a white horse.

It doesn't make much difference.

Morris wants our help.

I'm almost positive.

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Ginny did it in spite of all the difficulties.

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I, too, am worried about them.

In the distance could be heard voices, the slamming of shutters, and the barking of dogs.

One eye sleeps, the other sees.

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It was everything I hoped for.

Don't touch anything, OK?

You do your part and I'll do the rest.

I'd better go find Brodie.

You always believe me.

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I'm betting it doesn't even exist.

Who did you meet?

I want to cry.

She gave money.

I address my teacher in Berber.


This is my favourite project.

Tanaka looks like he's having fun.

I'll rent a car.

I'll tell them what I think.

How long have Hector and Arthur been going out with each other?


Tommy lives in the worst part of town.

Many of our customers are from Australia.

No gratuity accepted.

I got all excited.

My daughter's name is Irving.

If you are hungry, you can eat the bread.

Pandora is wearing a drysuit.

Why not go and have ramen together?

I'm really looking forward to working with you.

Is there any sauce left? No, there is none.

They used this table.

He seemed to be beside himself with joy.

It never should've happened.

Save money against the unexpected for when it's necessary.

I've been told Melinda is going to be fired.

Please note the change in the meeting agenda.

I know you're licking it when I'm not around.

Sandip picked up the pot of coffee and refilled his and Rudolf's cups.

I wonder what's wrong with the car.

I will go when he comes back.

What did Ping do to you?

A dog bit his leg.

How long will Andre be in Boston?

Hamlet is by William Shakespeare.

I'm not going to see you again.


If you want to know God, read this book.


I thought this was what you always wanted.

Everyone was stunned.

How can I forget those days?

You weren't ill.

Mann made it very clear that he didn't want us here.

I don't know what it sounds like.

While working, he had an accident.

He seems to have good hearing.

If you whip the steering wheel around like that on a snowy road, the car is going to go into a slide.


Did you want something, Kerry?


I jumped into the water and swam to the other side of the river.

That's a dog, and that's a puppy.

Alice was frightened of her strict mother.

Go and help wash up at the sink!

Rafik seldom goes out.

I didn't understand what you said.

I'm lucky to have you as a friend.

The company has changed hands three times.

Come and have tea with me.

I often played truant.

Claudio and Dion are constantly arguing.

I'll meet you back here in three hours.

Economic development is important for Africa.

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Done! Now I just have to set it to simmer so it doesn't boil before everybody comes.


Tell Mat that I already know how to do that.

Pieter did not get along well with the other girls.

Get your ass back to work.

There are more complex elements in longer conversations.

I'll ask around.

It's silly to fight over it.

I don't want to lose my girlfriend.


Before long, the moon came out.

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That's the best paper I've read so far.


He's always the first to complain.

Lorenzo needed more money.

What am I to do with him? Employ him?

I feel the need for a little exercise.

Jelske is very slow.

I didn't lie to them.

He changed his attitude by 180 degrees.

I'm claustrophobic.

My shoes are brown.