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Give your artist roster or band the tools to collaborate without the headache.

Large file sharing is now common practice, but a file by itself needs explanation so our recipient 'gets' what we are doing. We use email to convey a message, we text 'cause it's instant and phone calls bridge the gap. Whispa brings all of this into one place to allow a free flowing creative and collaborative workspace for your roster.
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Collaboration was once the culmination of all of these communication tools...messy, difficult and hard to track. Whispa Music brings it all together so I can focus on writing.
Steph L.– San Francisco, United States

Create Music Together. Easily.


Our White Label solution is just that. A website that you brand and promote as your own in house creative space.

Give your artist roster or band the tools to collaborate without geographical or time zone barriers. Easy to use for both Managers and Artists.

Realise your rosters creative potential.

Test writing partnerships quickly and cost effectively before you spend money on studio time.

Listen to song ideas & select artists to collaborate whilst being able to listen and review each version.

Provide feedback on song writing.

Version control system gives all collaborators an accurate and true history of how the song evolved.

No more debates over who wrote what. It's all tracked and backed up in the Song writing history.

Simple, Easy and inspiring.

Collaborating with someone you do not know,
who's music you have never heard before, who knows
nothing about you or what you bring to the table is about
as liberating a creative feeling I can remember having.
James V – Newcastle, Australia
We built Whispa Music because we are musicians, producers, writers and composers that were frustrated by the lack of a 'complete solution' for creative people. Whispa Music allows you to create with ease, track progress and capture the true history of a songs evolution.
Tim H – Founder Whispa Music, Sydney Australia


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