Hitoshi broke his leg in a cycling accident.

This part of the land belongs to my stepmother.

Tracy can't do it all himself.

They were arguing about who should sit in front.

I'm making an egg yellows omelet. Do you want some?

He's very good at playing baseball.

Try this hat on and see if it fits you.

He excluded the woman from the suspects.

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We went to London.

When you're in a hurry, it's easy to make a mistake.

I couldn't help crying.


I sent you an email.


Bricks can't be made without straw.

This isn't correct.

Judith shouldn't be fired.


When the politician died, everybody hoped the son would follow in his father's footsteps.

I tried to leave early, but people kept asking me for help.

I have news.

Do you have any money on you?

He learned how to raise cattle.

Vandalism is a significant problem in this part of the city.

We had a few laughs together.

I have a lot of vices, but smoking isn't one of them.

I would die before I live on in shame.


"I know what you're about to say." "No, you don't!"

It's worth every penny.

This may take a while.


Would it be alright to come to visit your place soon?

Becky calls Michelle every night.

How many years did the Hundred-Year War last?


I see the signs well.

I'm helping them out.

Mehrdad is asleep on the cot in the back room.

He was very busy all day long.

Lars was easy to find.

Marion is trying to provoke me.

He has no leisure for sport.

My younger sister didn't say "hello."

He has a good deal of intelligence for a child.

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You could help us.

Dan and Linda were ready to start a family.

This picture always reminds me of my hometown.

The police handcuffed Delbert and read him his rights.

You do not have a good memory.

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You did this.

Martyn was plastered.

He didn't confirm.

He looked good when he was young.

Harold doesn't wear as much makeup as Alice does.

We chose a hotel near the subway.

His beautiful wife is his pride.

I don't want to turn on the news.

Life will already be over before you know it.

Turning the corner, you will find my house.

She bought me a nice coat.

Jim is my favorite.

The investigation is ongoing.

I really want you to be happy.

If you want allergy relief, try this.

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We're not safe here.


You have many books.

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It's time to establish the religion of love.

Shannon isn't going back to Boston.

Please leave next Saturday afternoon free.

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Tommy never said that he wanted to leave.


Not everything you try works.

George has lost control.

Some students neglect their studies in favor of sports.


I believe that lifelong learning is essential.


Lar put a bag of shredded cheese into his shopping cart.


You could've walked away.


They won't come back.

I don't eat any type of seafood.

A sure friend is seen in an unsure matter.

She was talking as she walked.

Petr lay awake in bed, listening to the rain.

I knew what it was.

Get me a slice of pie, too.

The others are skeptical.

The Great Depression started in 1929 and ended in the 1930's.


We've come to a fork in the road.

Is something wrong with that?

I don't gamble anymore.

Prices have gone up a lot in the last year.

My dad saves some of his wages every week.

Was it an explosion?

So, two times to the right, right?

Los Angeles is one of the places I want to visit.

He looks to me with much admiration.

Leith wasn't the one who drank all the milk.

Tell them it was all your fault.

Saiid was afraid of the prospect of failure.

I could feel the sand between my toes.

Why are your eyes so big?

I killed Shawn in self-defense.

She and I are in front of our tent.

That's very sweet.

I want to speak to Sharan.

He's the most popular boy in the class.


The older children helped the younger ones.

A child has a higher temperature than an adult does.

The atmosphere is made up of oxygen.

How could you let them go?

Jesus couldn't decide whether to go or stay.


Here's a questionnaire I would like you to fill out.

I hope Ninja never finds out what happened here today.

This is a time of rejoicing.


I'll never disappoint you.

Have you thought this through?

Did you know anyone at the party?

I am the best friend, the best support, the best partner you will ever have.

Jacques wouldn't leave without telling us.

The traffic accident delayed the cars last night.

Turkeer is smelling the flowers.

She must have been gorgeous when she was young.

The children blow dandelions to see the seeds disperse on the wind.

I said back off!

Do they not know other diseases?

They declared that they were innocent.

Time travel is possible.

She is addicted to Farmville.

I have a few English books.

Edmond always had pets when he was growing up.

I didn't have to tell Darryl. He already knew.

It's rather ironic.

Do you know how many in the world starve to death every year?

I think she is good at dancing.

We can't control the weather.

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Where can we go on that tour?


Students, labor organizers, intellectuals, professional and others were kidnapped, assassinated and they "disappeared". Meanwhile many people went into exile.

I know how to get things done.

If you get up early, you can be in time for school.

I have lost all respect for you.

He was surprised at the long-distance phone bill.

Ask an expert.

I wish Owen had done what we asked him to do.

I can't go with you tomorrow.

Father is in his office.

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We see that the real world is becoming a world of merchandise.

Keep as still as possible.

We left Sofia and Lawrence by themselves.

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When do I do it?

Son was very angry.

This doesn't count.


He wrote a lot of stories.

Trying was fast asleep when the telephone rang.

I'll be over in a minute.


I think we can trust him.

That's just what I said.

Wolfgang didn't want anyone to know that he had been dating Joubert.

Recently numerous groups have offered counsel.

As for santa, how many are there?


Todd was becoming more and more afraid.

I won't need any help.

You're going to love Boston.

You just need to stand there without moving.

Don't even touch them.


One thing I don't ever want to do again is punch a time clock.

Why isn't John eating with us?

A state is made up of individuals who compose it.

Do not venture outside your homes.

She asked me if anything was the matter.


I was hoping for something a little more useful.

Allan works on Tuesday and Friday nights at the Konbini.

Pull yourself together.

It'll take you too long.

How long have you studied French?

Each man calls barbarism whatever is not his own practice.

He was about to speak.