It's worth a closer look.

Jim Carrey is very famous and a good comedian.

But no one wanted to hear it.

You'll stay with me.

The letter will arrive in a week or so.

She knows now that he is not to be counted on.


I'm only the mechanic.

Hienz went to Boston by bus.

Either day is OK.

Take Liz's place.

Let's try to have a good time.

Do you remember this game?

She is returning to this town.

We've got three more just like that one.

How old is your grandpa?

The party should be a lot of fun.

We regard Dr. Brown as the best heart specialist in the United States.

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May I ride a bicycle?

I was named after my great-grandfather.

Jonathan is very capable.

All my friends turned their back on me.

We should've made Susanne stay in school.

I believe in fate, but I also know that fate can be changed.

Don't put me down.

Singapore is called "Singapura" in Malay.

Would I only work on weekends if I could? Of course, I would.

Get me my pills.

It turns out that the child has disappeared.

Floria doesn't know anything about this.

Please give me your permanent address.

I expected something like this might happen.

A strange man was walking back and forth on the pavement.

We have nothing but some moldy bread.

She acknowledged that my statement was true.


I wish I could spend more time with my family.

My name is Tanaka and I'll be your server tonight.

I prefer translating old sentences to adding new ones.


I don't buy a lot of candy.

I was in Paris with my husband.

Don't walk away from me.

He is sure to succeed in the attempt.

I fell in love with a girl from Vienna.

If you are late in the morning, you will be late the whole day.

You need to stay away from him.

He was delighted after he visited his wife in the train station.

Roger Miller was born on January 2, 1936 in the western city of Fort Worth, Texas.


I wonder what happened to Hugh and William.

"Might be a bit stiff..." "Stiff?" "I mean the viscosity is too high."

Vicky will take the 2:30 train.

Louise gently nudged Donald.

He lied about taking the money.

Father absented himself from work yesterday.

He changed his name to Blair Jackson.

Why don't you come over tonight?

I couldn't believe it, either.

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She didn't give an answer to every question.

She invited him in.

Sherri gave this to me before he died.

Luc will show you what to do.

Do you carry a weapon?

Life is very flat in a small village.

Fill out the form below.

I'm residing in the house where my father came from.

You shed innocent blood!

I thought you'd already done that.

Pim bought three bars of soap yesterday.

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You should come home before six.

That's simply not true.

They claim this medicine is safe.

When did it occur?

Tomorrow two young Esperanto speakers are coming from Europe.

Are you going down?

It was a fair price.


I figured this might come in handy.


Will that change?

Wolf is a little slow on the uptake.

My apartment is located within five minutes' walk of the station.


I never knew Scott could speak French.

Don't say shit.

Will you please put that in simpler words?

Walter pulled out a notebook and pen.

The bride remains silent out of respect for her new parents-in-laws.

Would it be OK if Lance comes?

They went on a ten-mile hike through the forest.

Do you sell desk lamps here?

Louise is a soccer mom.

I don't know why the meeting was postponed.

I feel ashamed of having lost my temper.


Now that we've finished eating, let's go.

The boy could not keep up with activities in school.

Rolf is one of my friends.

He certainly is smart.

Are you able to keep walking?

I could never do what you're doing.

I'll never tell anyone who you really are.

Presley watched a lot of movies.

Lanny is in a bad mood.

Give it a moment.

I can't put up with that noise any longer.

The sun is about 1,000,000 times as large as the earth.

He would not listen to my advice.


Will anyone see me off at the station?

My brother thinks that he's stronger than me. But he's only six years old.

In the United States, coal makes 39% of our electricity.


An income tax is levied on any income that exceeds deductions.

It's impossible to reason with a drunk.

What was it made of?

Boyd asked his friend for the loan of his car.

You have to be outside something, able to experience it from a distance, before it makes sense.

He wanted a back massage.

She's driving them to school.

I went to the library, but I'm afraid it was closed.

I can see nothing at all.


It is the time you should be at work, isn't it?

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Jennie gave Edmund a weird look.

I would like a tourist visa.

I want to know about Bill's new job.


Sanity poured himself another shot of bourbon.


A new year always brings hope.

You are speaking nonsense, my friend.

Donna couldn't rest.

It's time for your afternoon nap.

He made good progress in handling this machine.

What time did you get up that morning?

She replied that she would be happy to come.

The poet is not used to speaking in public.

Do you drink wine?


I hate being sick.


That affected us a lot.

Since I was sick for a week, I'm making every possible effort to catch up.

I remember this photo.

We're just wasting time.

It's now up to you.


It was our secret.

I brought you some flowers.

I refuse to let you marry that man!

There's a ladder leaning against the garage wall.

We need to inform the president.


My idea is quite different from yours.


They had little information about geography.


Christopher Columbus once used the same joke 256 times in one day... thereby causing his entire crew to die of laughter.

Jorge wanted Randy to cook him dinner.

Japan's exports to the entire world topped $314 billion in 1998.


I will appeal against the sentence.

No, I am an Englishman.

I want to be just like my father when I grow up.


She's a very strange person.


These toys are very popular.


He made me go against my will.

Who has the gun?

We became fast friends.

I've been walking all day.

Her face grew pale.

Saying and doing are two different things.

Jeannie would probably enjoy listening to this.

I accommodated him for the night.

Srinivasan was not able to quit smoking.

I've finished reading that book.

I just roughly allocated it to each function.


Where did you call them?

I wasn't able to rent a car.

Exactly where are we going?


Dion accepted our offer and joined our company.

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It's no crime to just idle the whole day once in a while.

She made him furious.

We went to the park for a walk.

Cathrin was rude.

Leith speaks French about as well as Hector does.

The Southwest, Great Plains, and Southeast are particularly vulnerable to changes in water supply and demand. Changes in precipitation and runoff, combined with changes in consumption and withdrawal, have reduced surface and groundwater supplies in many areas. These trends are expected to continue, increasing the likelihood of water shortages for many uses.

His sincerity gained the confidence of everyone.