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I just thought that you might want to have this back.

Patricia has already gone to sleep.

My brother likes watching scary movies.


He has overcome many obstacles.

That was the scary part.

You look like you're freezing.

She has seven sons.

He does not let the opponent come near him.


Let us know whether you can come.

She wondered whether she should let him go or not.

People living in a big city tend to lack exercise.

These blinds are not made of real wood.

Rajeev called Hugh to ask her whether she wanted him to buy some bread on his way home from work.


Leonard seems to be drowning.

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The tall man looked at Rodger and smiled.

We're going out to celebrate.

How long did you stay abroad?

It'll be summer vacation pretty soon.

He tried to blame me for everything.

Guido isn't listening.

If he had insulted me, I would have given him a shove.

Get off my car.

We hoped to have done with the work before the holidays.

I want it to happen.

I took a doze after coming home.


Dreams came true.

Every boy is supposed to wear a tie at the party.

I understand your words.

Mr Thompson has been very busy today.

Nothing I try seems to work.


She's cruel and heartless.

Mahesh was a difficult child, but she has matured into a beautiful young woman.

Would you mind if I took a picture?

You're always wasting your money.

Even smart people are sometimes absent-minded.

I began to get angry.

Drive carefully.


It was very cute!

I thought as much.

Suu attacked Matthieu.

The children were playing in the backyard.

Amy didn't sound as excited as Roxanne.


It may have been Kerri who did this.

A Venusian day is longer than a Venusian year.

Jogging is out in California.

Carole was too upset to talk about what had happened.

While Francesca was running in the park yesterday, she fell and she broke her arm. Yesterday evening her friends phoned her.


We do have some options.

When they were in Leicester it was obvious that they had a very warm relationship.

I think you're probably wrong.

Devon noticed Cindy sitting in the audience.

Does Pedro have an older brother?

Let's resume reading where we left off last week.

I didn't want to leave before the work was completed.

Tyler doesn't yet realize what he's lost.

Romain will be thirty in October.

If you should see Celia, give her my best wishes.

There is a bottle of wine on the table.

I'll never forget the sound the crash made.

We're definitely going. You?

Jin doesn't take things seriously.

The women went to the celebration dressed to the nines.

When's Curt coming over to fix that?

We're not sure what Joseph's doing.

I'm glad you enjoy skiing, but I guess it's just not my cup of tea.

Warren is swimming in the neighbor's pool.

Whether we grew up in a Christian home, regardless of denomination, we used to bless and curse, salt water and fresh water coming from the same mouth.

You could've knocked.

Clara has been taking music lessons for months.

Tait is very warmhearted.

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What did you talk about?

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Can I have a copy of it?

I am stirring my tea.

We're close to being really good.

The coach gave me some advice.

He was clearly angling for a reduction on his rent.


Let's see what Marc left us.

Sandeep tried to stay quiet.

Erik is coughing.

Lui is terrible.

This is not exactly my idea of having fun.

There's no space in the room for another bed.

The gentleman kissed the lady's hand.

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Your mother might tell you who your father is.

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If life deals you lemons, make lemonade.

Don't forget about Straka.

She recovered from her long illness.

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Boyd has no idea how his behaviour affects others.

Books are my best friends.

In fact, I don't think that was Jason.

The guards are watching you.

I want much more than that from you.

Poverty with honesty is preferable to wealth obtained by unfair means.

Butler told me that you're famous.

We're never going to get it.

You shouldn't do things by halves.

It'll wear off soon.

If I remember correctly, Doug and Christofer got married in October of 2003.


We have considered your proposal, and we have decided that we are not able to reduce the price.

I must've sat on it.

I have push button phones.

I saw it with my own eyes.

A bird can glide through the air without moving its wings.

I'm still eating dinner. I'll call you back.

It's not very important.

Is this service available?

Give the clothes a try.

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He had just arrived.

You were so nice to me, and I had a really pleasant trip. Thanks so much.

We spent a great holiday in Sweden.

Floria is in favor of gun control.

I am learning Japanese.

I got my eyes tested.

Have you been having bad dreams?


The radar was jammed.

She is noted as a singer.

I can work with anyone.


How long have you known them?

Tell me what we're doing here.

We're done for today.

He is older than Jane by two years.

Olivier gulped down a tall glass of orange juice.

I felt betrayed.

I should've been with you.

I really hate it.

It was a great victory for Jackson.

It was an unexpected opportunity.

I don't like your band's name. I think that it's stupid.


I'm going to go do that.

Serdar has already told me what I wanted to know.

Wendi and Dana think I don't know.

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He's not afraid of political correctness.

She was prohibited from smoking.

Forget it!


He is so aggressive that others avoid him.


My daughter was not reasonable when I asked her to spend less money.

I just want you to love me.

So there is a magnetic field around earth.

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He must be from the South.

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Her affectionate letter moved me.


Of all the countries I've visited, I liked Australia the best.

Do you have today's tickets?

They are vehemently opposed to political correctness.

You have no idea what's going on, do you?

Three months were not enough to finish the experiment.

Strength through unity.

He has three dependents to support.


Merat ate the apple that Those had left on the dining room table.


He worked very hard, but could make little progress.

Gabriel took nothing but the hot soup and a little sherry.

They're really something.

Nothing can be worse than that.

Clarissa is a better French speaker than Randall.

Nothing but your love can save her now.

Who was the book written by?

We'll dance.

It's not a laughing matter.

No one knew where she was.

You won't tell them, will you?

They abhor violence.

My laser printer can also scan an image.


She managed to read a book written in French.

Marc's house burned down in 2013.

Toby was shot in the arm.

Tell me who won.

What are you proposing?

Would you go mention that to Elijah?

Police immediately sealed off the streets around the hotel as they searched for the bomb.

I've lost my keys.

I have hay fever.