The informer's identity has to remain secret.

It was beginner's luck.

In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.

Santa isn't as qualified as Nhan.

Is there a mileage charge?


What do you think is the chance that that will happen?

People who spoke out against Church teachings could be put to death.

I visited him this day last week.


Ira was extremely disrespectful.

I bought an anti-theft system for my bike.

This AC unit wastes a lot of electricity.

Russia is sending battleships, marines, and landing craft tanks against Syria, and submarine equiment against Iran.

Martyn gets upset when Vance doesn't do what he tells her to do.

My sister is a famous singer.

Do you think Trevor is happy?

I just don't want to be disappointed again.

Brender said he didn't want anything.

Sometimes I can't help showing emotions.

My hands are chapped.

That'll take time.

It rained today so he can't come anymore.

You did well to keep the secret.

It can't get worse.

We made some stupid mistakes.

The problem is complicated by his personality.


This car consumes a lot of fuel.

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I thought you knew I was kidding.


How ingenious!

Loyd is lying in the hospital bed.

He is a director, and should be treated as such.

Franklin invited the gardener in for a cup of coffee.

We have a lot of other places we want to see.


What do they do there?

Shatter became flustered and a bit nervous.

They hit it off from the beginning and have been together for two decades now.

He teaches them how to speak Japanese.

He ruled for five years. In the sixth year, another king, who was stronger than he, waged war against him.

I don't know either of them.

It's the same every time.

Don't look at us.

This may take a while.

I'm trying to make a living here.

Does he have any children?

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I didn't notice anything strange.


Every guy can say "although I'm not the greatest man in the world, I am the man who is best to you."

The heroic knight went on a quest to defeat a great monster and won the favor of his lady.

How long were you gone?


No one but Stacey handed back the report.

Let's get divorced.

I haven't spoken to you before, have I?

The cymbals clashed.

Is Roxane dating someone?

The president of this country is eloquent.

We hope to reopen soon.

That's what it is all about.

I made a deal.

Peggy didn't know what was happening.

Can a two-year-old boy run that fast?

I'll be with Straka if I'm needed.

I'm a little bit of a slob.

Since Stan gained weight over the winter, I think it's likely her swimsuit won't fit her anymore.

He hardly studies chemistry.

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Please don't forget to write the letter.


I'm glad you finally figured that out.

Do you always do what Bryce tells you?

Nowadays his father goes to work by car.

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The soldiers could do nothing until spring.

The leaves began to turn red and yellow.

They believe in God.

Though I was sitting in the sun, I still felt chilly.

She takes part in many school activities.

I'm going to need some more time.

He will not escape punishment.

Why is that of interest?

I've lost my glasses.


I really would rather be alone right now.

You should write down whatever seems to be important.

The first thing we did was look at the pandas.


A lion would be scary to have as a pet.


It's already started to rain.

I didn't know where to go, or what to do.

He climbed to the summit of the mountain.

Flowers die if they don't have water.

Somehow, you look different today.

Klaudia said he used to know Beth.

Lori put his glasses in his shirt pocket.

I am not a pillow.

We don't have to prove anything to Jarmo.


You're too close.

He left everything to her in his will.

I don't want to be the one to tell Malus that.

Don't touch my car.

Do you want to hear a joke?

I always pay the rent on time.

What do you think about this outfit?

You should tell them what to do.

That's what they're looking for.

He is always finding fault with me.

Floyd and Naim went out for lunch.

Why do women want to sleep in a man's embrace?

Pontus didn't thank Avery for her help.


What are all those lights for?


If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Phill tried to remember what Pim had told him.

Knowing their languages is not enough to communicate effectively, because the methods of communication are determined by their cultures.

You can't all come in at the same time!

Milo often drove under the influence of alcohol when he was young, but was never caught by the police.


Everybody made for the door at the signal.

That's why I'm giving it to you.

I was a second lieutenant in the special forces.

I'd rather have gone to the concert last night.

Shahid is really busy today.

I'm feeling lucky today.

The university is a waste of time.


I'm trying to help you become a better person.


I'll see to it that Lukas does what you've told him to do.

They fought the Italians first in Egypt and Libya.

My heart skipped a beat when my wife told me she was pregnant.


Quit looking at me like that.

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There were times when Claudia wished he hadn't married Earl.

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They make the best pizza in town.

What was Jennifer's response?

You can't be in two places at once.

What disturbed me the most was the noise.

Do you want to hear my theory?

The army advanced on the enemy.

I've never minded her behaving badly.

He is the very man that I'm looking for.

I wish there was some way I could repay Evelyn.

New Horizons was launched in 2005.

He followed my advice.

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I examined the purse again, and found it empty.

Sekar is a Francophile.

Please take these dishes away.

Does your sister have children?

I don't think we'll be able to hang out together tonight.

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It's the only thing I can think of.

I get the feeling that no one here is telling us the truth.

You won't be able to get there on time.

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You wouldn't recognize the place anymore.

At last, they ceased working.

I asked Srivatsan to meet me at the train station.

She has to drink water.

Come on, already!


The mother was exhausted.

Who is knocking?

Ernest thought nobody was home.

He led the meeting.

Everything seemed dulled by Sunday's torpor and the dolefulness of the summer days.

Obviously, it's time to leave.

This pizza is cold.


John's mother looks so young that she is often mistaken as John's older sister.

He was far from clever in his school days.

This liquid can be resolved into three elements.


Hurry up, or you will be late for school.


A mother rabbit keeps her babies warm with her own body.

We lost our cat and Elliott found it for us.

There's something I need to tell you before you leave.

I'll go swimming with Danny tomorrow afternoon.

I've got to get the house in order, so I'm busy now.

To be or not to be.

I'm at my wit's end with this difficult problem.

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Bad answers show the way to the right ones.

Clare said he was asked to leave.

He's wild in bed.

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We know that water boils at 100 degrees.