They don't belong here.

Kenton is losing blood.

You have to do that just right.

Put on your coat lest you should catch the cold.

Whenever I try to get near her, she pushes me away.

My seat is in the third row. Where are you sitting?


Why doesn't he subpoena them?

I don't like seeing young girls with heavy makeup.

What do you really want?


None of us had any idea what was going to happen.

My grandmother looks after the children during the daytime.

I have not seen anything of Elizabeth lately.


There has never been a savior nor an immortal emperor to rely on.


Rainer got a small piece of pie.


What else do we have?

The teacher would only allow us to speak French in the classroom.

Did you eat anything?

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Leave it to me; I will to it.


I answered no.

Even a child could do it.

You should've told me you didn't know what to do.

This, appearing at first glance to be perfectly obvious, is actually very difficult.

As it is now, many schoolchildren own a dictionary but don't really know what to do with it.

I'm going to tell you a secret.

Green is my favourite colour.

Ricky is getting ready to go.

They refer to you as their friends.

Scientifical research often requires difficult compromises.

I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.

Give it a moment.

He caught me by surprise.

I'm not leaving without him.

Maria threw caution to the wind and booked a skydiving lesson.

You'll be given two weeks severance pay.

I was looking for a hotel, when I saw you.

She testified against him.

How is that different from what I just said?

After much effort, he ended up with a contract.

He that increases knowledge increases sorrows.

The tail is wagging its dog there.

The rabbit is eating a carrot.

She was livid.

What do you think they're planning?

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Matthieu made me get an appointment.


He appeared at the party late.

Every day, while her two daughters were working indoors, the merchant's wife would send Vasilissa on one errand or other into the forest, either to find a branch of a certain rare bush or to bring her flowers or berries.

I wonder why Brooke didn't show up last night.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I've been here for three days.

It saddens me greatly to know that your father died.

He dove.


I think we'd better start over again.

The pilot lost control and the plane went into a dive.

I'm proud of my son.

He went on reading while he ate.

Sugih parked right behind Kimmo's car.

This is the best restaurant in our area.

To do her justice, she is not plain.

Nick grabbed Sridharan's right hand with his left hand.

The student speaks English a little.

Let's talk about your problem.

What is your favourite animal?

Saul grabbed Tandy by the arm.

In February it snows at least every three days.

What are your orders?

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life occurs when men are afraid of the light.


Moran is still sleeping.

I can't be friends with Bobby.

The boat was off balance because it was overloaded.

That calls for a drink.

Mayo accepted the offer.


Our teacher ordered Jim to go home at once.

That's my cue.

The reform of both entrance examination system and curriculum makes slow progress.

Most students carry backpacks to school.

I'd like to try and change the way we've been doing things around here.

Recollect my mother holding me tight.

I think you should eat a ham sandwich.

How the city sits solitary, that was full of people!

Lorenzo followed Naren down the stairs.

I'll go myself if I need to.

We're not sure why Sjouke isn't here today.

Teacher, could you please repeat that? I didn't understand.

Women change the world.

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I spent the rest of the night besides her.


The house is burning.

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I told Wendell that what he was doing was illegal.


Take me to your place.


I hope you have nothing planned for this afternoon.

It has stopped raining.

I had no idea you knew her.

I'm sorry to trouble you.

She lit the candles.


Very strange.

Kids like to play.

It's still rising.

The car turned left.

When will human greed end?

We are very competent.

Should I try to talk to him?

He had his secretary make another copy.

I want you to go to your room and lock the door.

Tatoeba: Where pillow fights can't even measure up to sentence fights.

Srivatsan and Val are working on something together.


Even if she's a prostitute which falls in love, her love is a pure and noble feeling.

I think I understand what went wrong.

You never should've gone there by yourself.


We should work for the cause of peace.

People said that he is insane.

Most people are right-handed.

I don't want to see it now.

Admitting what you say, I still think you are mistaken.


We are disappointed at the results.

You are the fifth wheel on the wagon.

Please lock the door before you go out.

Gale got back on his motorcycle.

I've been to Osaka on business.

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Tiefenthal knew what he had to do.


Mahmoud and Nancy broke up last month.

I'm not a millionaire.

Have you something for a cold?

We put the skis on the top of our car.

Put everything in a taxi.

How do you say "rugby" in English?

Olaf isn't strong enough to lift that.

You shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.

I'm not sure what Brooke sees in Casper.

I do not suffer from megalomania. Great people never have it.

You should stop that.

He is a very good teacher.

I felt myself insulted when he kept silence.

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He's got terrible handwriting.

Frank especially liked Jinny's sentences about squirrels.

I've been trying to cheer Alexis up.

He boasted of having passed the entrance exam.

He was dazzled by her good looks.

I've always thought that rickshaws and sukiyaki were the most successful amongst the products made from what was imported from the West during the Meiji period.

She felt like taking a walk.

He acted in his own interest.

It's a difficult language.

We are flying over the Pacific.

Phnom Penh was flooded two or three days ago.

"I've finished" said Tony shortly, then he closed the piano.

We never knew who he was.

She gave an amateur performance on the piano.

Plants grow.

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Why did you buy so much?


Akebono was victorious eleven times as a yokozuna, the highest rank in sumo, and lost thirteen times. The Japanese name he chose means "daybreak."

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She burst into view.

He is the one who took care of her wound.

We didn't expect it.

We're pretty excited about it.

He has been working on a new book for two months.

Anthony may not wait any longer.

I don't want to talk anymore.


Won't Walter ever come back?

I cannot understand what happened.

I never met Maria.


I wanted to be with her all the time.

Are the first letters of the names of languages always written in uppercase in English?

Did anybody see you leave?

It is very kind of you to give me your seat.

You seem to understand them.


The morning sun is too bright to look at.


I'd like him to rest.


He spoke highly of you.

I really respect Dalton.

You need a Nintendo DS to play the latest Pokemon game.