They breastfeed their babies.

Her toe bleeds.


This is a product for men.

In the early part of my study, I allude to work that had already been done on the psychology of crowd-control.

You're really an angel.

It's sad to know that we may die any moment.

The old couple had no children.


This is not a video game, Avery! Slow down.


Ssi found tire tracks in the mud.

Traffic was light.

Ji pretty much kept to himself.

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This is quite sound from a scientific aspect.


I don't want to walk. Let's take a cab.

The traveler stopped to ask me the way.

Would you prefer to do nothing?

That's a pretty impressive list.

I can't believe your mom let you go.

He will come into a large fortune.

Look at the girls.


The kitchen of this house is very large.

I don't like being stood up.

I'm not staying.


We tend only to notice the details that concern us.

This station plays good music.

These are just useless and resultless meetings.

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The police will put you behind bars.

Stanly used to cry a lot when he was a child.

The cost of petrol keeps on going up.

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The chickens are in the henhouse.

Cathy has a law degree.

Pria doesn't have to study French. He can already speak it quite well.


I'm singing.


I'm so blessed!

They put him in this clinic after he said he was hearing voices.

I need to know who Billie is.

The car is parked in Zone E, space 97. That's out the main door, to the right and down at the end of the terminal building.

Unfortunately, your contribution breaks some grammatical rules.

Was it a squirrel?

Vice hates us.


One thing hasn't changed.

Mickey has been lying about that.

He built them on an assembly line.

You don't understand how worried I was about you.

I can vouch for them.

I hope we can help.

You learn to appreciate your health when you are ill.

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It's a pleasure to be here.

The rabbit jumped over the dog.

I won't give you up.

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Believe it or not, this woman has three kids.

You're a very sensitive guy, aren't you?

I'm not finished with you.

We agreed that something must be done.

Susanne relented.

He likes films.

It's probably OK.

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It says in the title.

You can use your imagination.

Weather's been strange the past few years.

I cannot express how happy I was at the news.

Josh and Johnathan passionately kissed each other.

I haven't heard of him since then.

I enjoy spending time with them.

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I want you to know who I am.


He isn't going to get this car at that price.

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Dare you call her?

My waist size has recently increased. I guess it's middle-age spread.

He has absolutely no feel for it.

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Please forgive me for not having written to you earlier.

He kindly took the trouble to send me home.

Whatever happens, don't panic.

Two rabbits, a white rabbit and a black rabbit, lived in a large forest.

Kevyn doesn't like it when Honzo takes her for granted.

Marilyn still hasn't come home.

I'm talking to Rebecca right now.

We live many miles distant from each other.

The two sisters lived very peacefully.

The plan met with opposition from the inhabitants.

Rodent read the sports section first.

Do you like to travel by yourself?

Would you like to live with us?

He is a strange man.

She drives an imported car.


Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

Are the train tickets expensive?

At this rate, even independent film will never reach a true understanding of romance and relationships, so to hell with the movies, let's have dinner.

His family moved around a lot.

Time flies When you are having fun

I'm colour-blind.

The setting of the story is Japan in the late Meiji period.

I illuminate myself with immensity.

This is an old story.

She was supposed to be here by noon.

That scarf is very becoming on you; the color really brings out your eyes.

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These suitcases are really heavy.

Where'd you learn to throw that curveball?

Don't point your gun at me.

Don't go if you don't want to.

I already apologized.

I wonder who killed them.

I heard Pierre crying in her room, so I went to check on her to see if she was OK.

You've defeated me.

I am thankful for my friends.

The darkness around us was pitch-black.

Is something going on that I need to know about?

Harold was arrested on unspecified charges.

Phill didn't go.


I am familiar with the author's name.


Sergio had a hard time finding work.


Arthur had always wanted a daughter.

He who makes his bed must lie in it.

Take anything you want.


I'll remember you!


Annie's resting.


Kevin wore long johns.


I prefer your brandy to your conversation.

He follows the rules to the letter.

Do you think I should go talk to Honzo?

Not all those who wander are lost.

He's in his element.

I have to hide this bag.

You're going to be a father.

We ran around the fountain in the park.

We want to talk.

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We've just got to keep working.

Where'd you learn such a difficult word?

I decided to tell the truth.

So, you think you can dance.

You're not getting your money today.

His words and actions do not accord well together.

Archie and Jock are friends of my family.

Did you know my father?

The two factions gang up with each other.


I pricked up my ears.


A number of students announced their readiness to engage in the contest.


Her face was eloquent of her sorrow.


This is useful information.


Van is allergic to alcohol.

I never worked with Clarence.

We think Venice is a fascinating city.

You can see the house was built stiff.

Ed began to work.

Herve gets very animated when he's watching rugby on TV.

She may be waiting at the station now.

Their loss is our gain.

If I do that, will everybody teach me?

The new president did away with a lot of the traditional protocols.

We're not convinced yet.

Without justice there will be no peace.

I delivered identical twins.

Do you have any good news?

"Roma" is an anagram of "amor."

I have to learn how to shoot.

This time Amedeo succeeded.

One of the greatest chapters in the history of western music came to a close with the death of Beethoven.

Be careful not to slip.

I asked her to leave.

She jumped in a cab and went home.

It's very obvious that he likes her.

Bradford could use some rest.

That is worth three hundred dollars.

I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.

There's nothing I want from you.

I let him catch me.

The track descends.

As science advances as some describe it, into itself, - by creating technology which is then subsequently of a higher complexity than the ideas it is to help explain - complications often can arise, such as a need for higher education for those who utilise it. This may not be a negative complication in itself, but gives rise to another problem: that this causes education about the subject's fundamentals to be sacrificed for the training in the utilisation of ever changing technology.