Very regrettably, 1,900 square meters of land become desert every second.

Vidhyanath acted the part of a sailor.

I wonder who the next president of the United States will be?

I apologized profusely for my being late.

This is the place where the battle of Hastings took place.

I'm retiring.

She likes blue dresses.

He has been engaged in this study nearly ten years.


Many young people in Spain are unemployed.

Name-calling is never productive.

He had hoped to succeed, but in reality, he had not.


Don't skip over any details.


I don't know why my friend wants us to wait.

Jerry checked into a cheap motel.

I heard you received an award last month.

The exhibit is in Boston for three weeks.

Rain is water falling from clouds.

We know what we have to do next.

They're older than Kristi.

I don't see what's changed.

List is the best dancer I've ever seen.


I have no comment.

I had to stay.

My sister resembles my mother.

Clare is Alf's daughter.

I just had breakfast with them.

Catherine and I have big plans.

Kory asked me not to tell anyone, so I didn't.

Millie is going to school.

He did it out of kindness.

I have a couple of questions I need to ask.

Why don't you tend to your own affairs?

Page clicked on the thumbnail so he could see a larger version of the same image.

I've been thinking.

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Hold it there.

On summer I go to the sea, on winter I go to the mountain.

Marcel, what would you like to have for dinner?

He's my uncle, because my father is his brother.

You realize how dangerous Joachim is, don't you?

Acts of violence will not be tolerated and will be responded to with appropriate disciplinary action.

She was impatient to see her family.

Could this have been prevented?

Do you know any doctors who speak French?

Something is grating on her nerves.

For comfortable weekly shopping you have to have a car.

Mariou is thirty years old.

She explained it over again.


That's a bit of an exaggeration.

He held back a cry of agony.

Unfortunately, by the time we got there the train had been gone for fifteen minutes.

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Sedovic wanted to do something fun.

The policeman caught him by the arm.

I would like to ask a question.


We had no unexpected incidents during our trip.

There is little water in the pond.

She had been ill for a week when the doctor was sent for.

We'll try one more time.

He practices the piano every day to become a pianist.

It is said that he also invented concrete.

There is nothing like fresh air.

I knew things about Leads that even his parents didn't know.

He watched as the doctors bent over her.

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I have a big family.

The enemy of true freedom is an excessive call for security.

They all have drinks.

She is on the cutting edge.

They all sought for the lost child.

We've become the very best of friends.

You must accommodate your plans to mine.


I haven't been able to reach Maurice.

There's no class today.

Chuck is still not over his cold.


In spite of the rain, this trip very much pleased me, on the whole.

Thanks for all you've done to make my special day such a memorable one.

She will bring Guido.

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I was trying to protect him.

It's a banner.

Even if I were a dwarf, I would still be a giant.


Bob's father teaches at a girls' school.

What little money he earned he spent on books.

Those hates jogging.

It's only a game.

This is an issue where there is a little bit of space between your position and my own.

Knudsen didn't know where to catch the bus.

I am not an Athenian nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world.

I'm calling from Boston.

I've been kidnapped before.

There are no survivors from last night's plane crash.

What is the depth of the lake?


You've won.


Stanislaw and I are married now.

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It's a commonly-used technique.

In this world, there are people who take advantage of legal loopholes to do things that are almost illegal.

I don't want to walk home.

Excuse me, I have to get to Barcelona. Are there any flights today?

Bill was the most unpopular boy in high school.

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Japanese should not forget that America is a multiracial nation.

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Put this bracelet on your wrist.

My mother told us an interesting story.

It's a risky plan.

She's in love with another woman.

The new labourer was buggered by smoko.


Are you saying that you don't want to see me anymore?

I'm pretty zonked.

I can't stand being looked at like that.

I had never seen that kind of fish until then.

Behold the Man.

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Einstein was a mathematical genius.

Are the arrangements for your trip complete?

You have to drink water.


I understood your feelings and thoughts even without words.


Children often cry just to attract attention.

We've almost finished doing everything that needs to be done.

Let me tell you why that's not going to happen.

Noam rented a room.

I'll be really careful.

The wedding is in two weeks.

It is not wise to go by his word.

It's silent.

Make yourself cozy!

What an oddball he is!

I don't think Harry wants that to happen.

That's an interesting proposal. I'll think about it.

Why don't you just fire her?


Will you buy me some bread, please?


There's a hair in my soup.

He loves singing.

That's not quite what I wanted.

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Is everyone agreeable to the plan?


Nancy sat under a tree, strumming his ukulele.

It was very quiet.

Saiid told me he was planning to retire next year.

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It's not the same anymore.


I will stay in New York for five days.

We used to go to the seaside on holiday.

I don't mind your groping in the dark for a solution, but I wish you'd come to a decision.

Get your coat, Dean.

Don't tell me he actually believes that nonsense.


Brandy cut the cake in half.


This morning he said that he would be leaving for Nara tomorrow.


Tell them I'm on my way over.


Doctors should exercise caution when prescribing opioids.

Has anything been unclear so far?

You missed the point.

The colour is a bit too dark.

Strange things happened in that house.

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What time tomorrow evening would you like me to come over?

It's time to begin downsizing.

Shut the window, Jim.

A large number of people visit the historic site.

How did his son die?

Open your heart and tell me everything.

The pain is getting worse.


Nothing would give me greater pleasure.


Your Japanese is good.

I took the opportunity to visit the museum.

Stu can't get Knut to stop.

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Please make a milkshake for me.

I'll tell him you said so.

My makeup has washed off.

Bret is an investment banker.

Don't miss the opportunity of taking this trip!

Brian spoke quickly.

You can't know his merits by his appearance.