I wanted to be a piano teacher.

Sumitro worked like a madman.

He killed the goose, foolishly.

I have nothing to do this afternoon.

My date shivered and sweated uncontrollably as she asked me for children way the hell too early.

There are many big cities in Brazil.

How was the roast beef?

Juliet and Srivatsan decorated the Christmas tree.

I met your father once.

Some investigators deal with protocol violations by excluding the participants from the analysis.

She was so nervous she paced to and fro in the waiting room.

Tell me what you saw.


I haven't seen her for a long time.

Unlike her mother, she is tall.

Geoff doesn't seem very busy.

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I'll never hurt Kevan again.

Raphael might have missed the last train.

He ripped the envelope open.

Could you excuse us for a second?

They can handle it.

I want to find out if Gunnar is going to wear the new shirt I gave him.

What is the last concert you saw?

I am not more careful than you are.

I want to practice a little more.


She had wonderful food and, what was more, she was given a New year's gift.

James was involved in a street brawl.

What is he thinking, this idiot!


I hate his talking big on every occasion.

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Not everyone is as considerate as you.

Are you sure it was a ghost?

I'm probably going to try again.

I can't see the difference.

I work in a post office during the summer holidays.


Daniele didn't know how to answer the question.

I'm not comfortable discussing this here.

Margot said that he wanted to be left alone.


Nobody knew Jean was here.


Who can I call to fix my plumbing?

We cooked dinner for them.

Syun looked after my dog while I was in the hospital.

Do you have a bucket of water for me by any chance? I have a flat tire.

We cannot help admiring their effort.


It's not clear.

Does nothing go well for him?

Are you looking?

I fell in love with Miles the first time I saw him.

I find a good rival in him.


I'm hoping we can be roommates.

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How do I get to your office from Hioka Park?


Oh, seriously?

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She wanted to know if the photographer could remove the hat from the picture.

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At five o'clock, there's always a rush.

Has this ever happened to you before?

You should chew your food well.

She went to France for the purpose of studying art.

Does she have a pet?

Cecil lit a candle.

If you had missed that bus, you might not be here now.

I haven't seen her all day.

I'm not sneezing as much as I'd expected.

I think I need both of these.

How could they forget us?

I know you're thinking about me.

He forgot to rewind the movie.

Hilda doesn't usually get enough sleep.

I can die happy now.


You haven't asked me what I want to do.

What a mess you look!

You have every right to do that.

Heads I win, tails you win.

My mother's religion helped her to come to terms with my father's death.

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Calm down and tell me what happened.

Isidore seems relaxed.

No one's that desperate.

If you have something to say, say it to my face.

No one is coming with me.

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Don't close the door!

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Leon likes to travel by himself.

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That really put me on the spot.

I'm sorry I forgot to wake you up.

I may regret doing this.


His leg was in critical condition, but fortunately it got better.

Stop torturing me.

Not all of the jazz band kids could afford Harmon mutes.

My date with Wade was an utter disaster.

When do you usually go to bed?

Stop ordering me around.

Sergei made me take a shower.

I like skating better.

The vampire killed Carter and took his form.

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I have an eclectic taste in music.


I know Michael drinks coffee.


The sun descended behind the mountains.

I've lost track of him.

They are foolish.

I want you to stop spoiling the kids.

The soil here is fertile.

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I'm a cheese connoisseur.

Dana was sitting on a bench.

At that time the snow plow was certainly our hero.


I don't think it's Kinch who's the problem.


Stevan was interested.

I was a first year student last year.

Faith is believing what you know ain't true.


He has an incongruous sounding name which is hard to remember.

Vladislav can't decide what to do.

Leora taught me how to read.

We walked along the river.

A good question.

Long may he live!

You gave me quite a start.

What's the other reason?

Where was I supposed to go?

Don't lean too much on others.

They say golf is very popular in Japan.

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Your shoes aren't the right size.

They didn't pay attention.

He went to a college of agriculture.

I haven't seen Rick since he returned from New Zealand.

What would you do if you were in my place?

Can you contact him?

I always thought doctors don't get sick.

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We have failed.

I had a good time last night.

I tried to find him.

It's time for me to go.

A yellow bee hovers in a single spot.

Can I dial directly?

That isn't going to help.

Human beings were created in God's image.

"Did you kiss her?" "No, I didn't kiss her."

Sooner would be better.

The armored glass is made of a super-resistant material, distributed in layers.

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Food and drink are not permitted in the library.


A wheat import ban was enacted.

Pardon me, is there an ATM in this area?

Kit hates running.

I'm very happy to be back home.

Driving relaxes me.


Izchak found it fairly easy to follow Slartibartfast without being seen.


This might just work.

This maneuver was improvised.

It would've been better if Seenu hadn't bought Amir a gun.


Dimitry has been trying to get in touch with you.

The quick brown fox did not jump over the lazy dog.

There's no point in asking me for money.

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Christina always plays it safe.

The opposing team did not put up much of a fight, so we won hands down.

These machines can kill your free time.

The child has advanced in his knowledge.

The finale was so good, that I rewatched it many times.

I am ashamed of my conduct.

Everything is but a dream.


You haven't had breakfast yet, have you?

Why do people want to become doctors?

We went to the stadium, where we enjoyed the exciting game.


Tomorrow I am going to return the map that you lent me.

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I have been waiting for an hour and a half.


I knew it would happen sooner or later.

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He speaks really well.