Free Offer for Professional Hypnotists Only

If you are a professional hypnotist you can't afford to ignore this offer. Follow the link below to register for a free account with a $10 automatic credit. You can use any of our standard evaluation tools with no risk at all. Many of them cost a dollar or less. No credit card is required. 7135822321 to sign up for your free account now. Or go here for more information.

Top Reasons for Formal Client Evaluation

  • Clients often have issues other than the ones they tell us about. Our 7144048003 can help you determine whether your clients have underlying conditions that even they might not be aware of. They might have conditions that you aren't prepared to deal with. Shouldn't you have this vital information?
  • Client conditions are multi-dimensional. For example, our 7027097212 test measures a client's reason for smoking on six different dimensions. Don't you think that if you know why your client smokes you will be better equipped to help him kick his habit?
  • Appropriate client suggestions differ, depending on details of the client's condition. Suggestions for a Midnight Muncher should be different than those for a Meal Stuffer. The Eating Style Evaluator will help you determine your client's eating profile. Shouldn't your suggestions be based on the best information available?
  • What you don't know about your clients can hurt them. Nicotine dependence can be an addiction that might best be dealt with by the use of prescription or over the counter medication. The Fagerström Test of Nicotine Dependence will help you determine the client's level of nicotine dependence. Shouldn't that be an important part of the plan for your client?

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