Suzan didn't turn up.

There are many airlines in this airport.

This is the same camera that he lost.

He knows how to cross a river.

They discussed the problem.

The police arrested a man who looks like Jean-Pierre.

He knocked the door with a tap.

He took no notice of me.

Did everybody leave?

Johnny used to be the fastest swimmer on our team.

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Anderson got an A.

Our school is surrounded by a healthy environment.

We've brought enough food to feed everyone.

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We will have to postpone the meeting.

A lie has no legs.

If you had been a little more patient, you would have succeeded.

We sail for San Francisco on Monday.

Every other day I go with a friend; we lift weights whilst chatting together.

He would not follow my advice.

I asked Michel to stop pounding on the wall.

Cristi and Jayesh announced the dissolution of their marriage.

The cycle of blood is not regular.


As long as you have someone you love from the heart, you have a motivating force and you can face the entire world.

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Arabs persecute me.

She yielded in his proposal.

The magazine you lent me is very interesting.

I know about the job.

Kyung is not happy at all.


That isn't for you to say.

I managed to get there in time.

Even if you aren't hungry, you should eat something. Otherwise you won't last until lunch time.

He got home at six.

Turn it over.

It's important to her.

I had to listen to another one of his long-winding stories.

Sherri didn't touch anything.

Olivier went instead of Cary.

"Hey guys, who will be kind enough to take me to the airport?" "I will!"

He certainly could have helped me, but didn't.

I can imagine how hard it must have been for her to say those simple words.

Don't sit on the floor.


I think it's time for me to buy a new car.

We find the defendant not guilty.

Let's try again, guys!

The boy caressed the girl's chin and kissed her cheek.

Celia swept every room in the house.


It's high time you stopped wasting your money.


I should've told Lanny.

Kikki left the city late that night to avoid getting arrested.

All the children in this class are very polite.

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Judge came three hours early.

What's the minimum salary in Estonia?

Another season is over.


He became rich through hard work.


All the guys teased me about it.


He came into the room.

I tried to stop their quarrel eagerly.

Leo often sings in the shower.

Heinrich kept crawling.

Kathy uses public transportation.


On the whole, your idea is sound.

My grandfather was a hero.

Nothing prevents, when one has a wife, to have a mistress at the same time.

Packing sucks.

Rupert suggested that we go to the zoo.

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What an absurd question!

I wish I could see the ancient world.

The field was rank with weeds.

She seemed to be in love with him.

Just go back to wherever it is you came from.


I wrote Jan a letter.

Don't copy that floppy.

Joshua isn't so kind, is he?

Let's keep that in the hall closet.

In English there is a choice between closed and open punctuation; in the former, the writer uses all punctuation that can legitimately be used, whereas in the latter the writer leaves out all punctuation that can be left out without creating ambiguity.

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Pratapwant was as excited as a schoolboy.


In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

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We had a heavy frost this morning.

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I want you to do some research.

What did you do at night?

Would you stick around for a minute?

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Morris should come with me.

Father spoke about how important school will be for finding a job when I am older.

I very much hope that I did not pressure him, but that he came with us of his own volition.


I can't remember that now.

Chris finally noticed what Barbara was doing.

When will you be ready to go?

I don't want to go shopping by myself.

She rejected his offer of help.

Markku and Liisa had just enough to keep the wolf from the door.

How about another beer?

Einstein, at school, wasn't a bright boy.

He hit me twice.

I plan to stay in Boston for another three days.

Are you egotistical?

I am ready to start.

Does this medicine work quickly?

I hate funerals.

You can't have fun all the time.

Obviously, I can't force you to do something you don't want to do.

Laurent's making his bed.


She was singing a song.

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Do you have to go to market, too?

Incidentally this room doesn't have anything like an air-conditioner. All it has is a fan.

You won't fool me with your flattery.

She walked barefoot over the hot embers.

Elephants drink water.

Which did you eat, fish or meat?

It's fun to learn Turkish with you.


Does it have to be today?

Heinrich seemed surprised by this.

How many different ways do you know how to cook an egg?


First of all, we have to put your design to the test.

Debbie can't find Judy.

Fool as he is, he knows how to make money.

Though he wouldn't admit it, he was very tired.

Irving is very hard to please.

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Didn't you hear me calling you?

I don't know what more I can say.

She will clear the table of the dishes.

The dog is sitting on the carpet.

Ben is behind them, but he'll soon catch up with them.

I think I'll see if I can do this by myself.

Benjamin is opening that old truck.


She likes to take a bath with rose petals.


I have never been kissed like that.

Why wasn't the woman who attacked Boyce arrested?

I can stay up late since I am on summer holidays.

Sweat bathed his forehead.

How long does it take to get from here to the station?


Who is the boy acting the part of Peter Pan?


This result leaves much to be desired.

Damon grabbed a flashlight.

Beth's got a big mouth.

I'm sure Sumitro will enjoy the party.

He robbed me of my purse.

When he begins to do anything, he devotes himself to it.

Is that you?

So that's Tatoeba.

The kids urged their father to leave quickly.


Vern doesn't know French at all.

Eddy folded the letter and put it into the envelope.

How arrogant!

Jong is boring, isn't he?

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination


I've seen this movie before.

Raj was just like a brother to me.

I got a takeout salad for lunch.


It doesn't always work.

He began to cry, to scream, to knock his head against the wall, but the more he shrieked, the longer and the more hairy grew his ears.

He couldn't control the horse.

You are always very concise and very much to the point.

The typhoon claimed many lives.


We've been trying to keep it a secret.

Thank you for not betraying me.

It has left me speechless.

Without disasters there would be no heros.

Jakob can be a little difficult.


Noemi had a queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

You don't have to be crazy to work here.

Your eyebrows look weird.


What's for supper?

Gerald was found dead in the alley.

No one has paid yet.