Formatting a hard disk is a simple process, though expensive. It can cost up to $50 in Brazil.

I figured Surya would like Owen.

Ted understands he's no longer needed.

What did I ever do to you?

Bonnie certainly works as hard as anyone else on his team.


Scary movies will frighten the children.

The problem has arisen from your ignorance of the matter.

I've never even met them.

I never wanted you to get involved in this mess.

This doesn't concern you, Floyd.

His voice carries very well.

It's too cold in here for me.

She droned on for hours about her family history.

Think knows where the money is hidden.

The salad is oversalted.

I'm being honest with you.

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Sometimes gestures are more expressive than speech.

Valentin won't be back until evening.

Gregor was alone in his cell.

She does it faster than me.

A bookkeeper computes all the company's income and expenses each week.

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Every year I take my family to the capital.

None of the passengers escaped injury.

Can you see an owl eating a delicious sewer rat over there? That's me.

Three were killed.

The world which I saw in my dream was a peaceful world devoid of war.

I tried not to stare.

I can speak Chinese, but not write it.

I could hear everything.

I was thinking about getting a divorce.


I had high hopes for her.

We believe you, Jeffrey.

Vijay changed his clothes.

Nothing like this has happened before in Germany.

I have a theory about him.


He has found your cap.

They are all happy.

Jochen is getting closer.

I'll go if the weather is nice.

She got her nipples pierced.

I'm telling you it's going to be OK.

It seems "My Neighbor Totoro" has a scary inside story.

Scott pretended not to know Sanjay's email address.

They live in Belfast.

Wouldn't you like to know?

I don't believe that there is any evil person in this world.

Joseph was denied entry.

Don't make this difficult, Lar.

I liked to make people laugh and that got me all the way to where I am now.

Put down your weapons.

I saw the two together on several occasions.

What kind of music do you think Mwa likes?

I just spoke to Margaret.

He saw her video.

Today there is no risk of rain.

Reiner asked Lee to dance.

I'm starting to lose patience with Kusum.

May I ask a quick question?

Jones is going to stay with you.

I never knew Susan.


Alessia's homework are very difficult.

The pears we eat in Japan look almost like apples.

Can you tell us what happened?

I'm extremely embarrassed that it has taken so long to reply.

This novel is by far more interesting than that one.

The rope broke when we were climbing the mountain.

It is possible that you have already read this book.

I hope the incident will go unnoticed.

They fixed the sign to the wall.

I've been trying to tell you what needs to be done, but you keep interrupting.

Did he fail again?

Who found them?

You can blame that on me.

I'll give you the book.

Are you productive?

Can you fill out this form?

My family liked the dog very much.

She was tall enough to touch the ceiling.

I want the facts.

Welcome back. We missed you.

What shall I put on: pants or a skirt?

She deserves a better life.

We had a great relationship.


We're not here to talk about music, Frederic.

Take this, you bastard!

Her excitement nearly bubbled over.

I was hoping you learned something.

The bell rang.

Roses are a type of flower and doves are a type of bird.

The pharmaceutical company raised the price of a lifesaving drug overnight.

He hit on the answer to the problem as he was having lunch.

Two people say they heard a gunshot.

She breathed in deeply and started to tell about her situation.

When you are talking to someone, sometimes you are unaware that subtly, you are talking about yourself and what is happening in your own life.

The French government has launched an online game that challenges taxpayers to balance the national budget.

If there was no air, man could not live for even ten minutes.

Rear end collisions often cause whiplash.

What's the name of this flower with serrated petals? I tried looking it up in a encyclopedia, but I couldn't get anything.


Has John returned to America for good?

I was hoping we could help each other.

They're there.

I've been married three times.

I made hotel reservations one month in advance.

Have your paper on my desk by Friday.

The high percentage of oxygen makes humans feel energized and alive.

She went to the house several times.

Edison was not a bright student.


Carsten was a majorette.

Let them carry it.

The baby is not bigger than this doll.


Aurelie is a young shepherdess.

I've never been sick a day in my life.

I'll never forgive him.

Do you think it is easy to deceive children?

Joel wasn't there last week.

Why do you lie for them?

And there we were: the best of any house.


Stefan was very candid in her interview.

Shyam was able to buy almost everything on his shopping list.

Bucky's husband took her to the fancy French restaurant for their belated anniversary dinner.

Our relationship is strictly professional.

In the 1980s an opera production of "Hansel and Gretel" caused a furor because the part of the Witch was played by a man; nobody seemed to care that the part of Hansel, a trouser role, was played by a woman.

Who teaches you German?

At first, it wasn't easy.

I can read your thoughts.

He seems to have good hearing.

It's too late. I'll see you home.

Hey, what're you listening to?


For some reason it didn't go well, shot down at every attempt, and he led a sad "History of no girlfriend = Age" life.

There was a stack of newspapers in the corner of the room.

I sent this letter to my uncle.

You must know yourself.

Olivier spent a week in Boston.

Such an event is quite common here.

This sort of thing hardly ever happens.

You have a problem there.

In any case, I've already entirely forgiven you.


I booked one.


I have a spare room.

Black is beautiful.

Even if something is fleeting like a scent or quick as a thought, there's always a way to get what you want very much.

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To do so is asking for trouble.

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Jisheng left the milk unattended on the stove and it boiled over and went all over the kitchen floor.

You'd be the one to know.

There are people to whom, null is a positive number.

I want to go with you, but I'm broke.

They happened to walk side by side.

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Are you planning to talk to Celeste?

Every person is an individual.

I still don't care.

You want to help me.

Woody never asked them what they wanted.

You see the girl at the back? I'd watch out for her.

They can't help you until after 2:30.

We have a lot of snow here in winter.

I'm not a fan of Kim Kardashian.

It is too dark to play outside.

The flood victims were housed in several schools.


There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, fall and winter.


They have announced their engagement.

Marshall isn't a member of our club.

The children threw snowballs at each other.

The business owner wants to maximize profit.

Stagger spiked the punch.

Surya never forgave himself for hurting Sonny the way he did.

Operator. Which extension would you like.

This hat is less expensive than that one.

Philippines is called "Filipinas" in Spanish.

"Where is my wife?" "She is in jail."

This is a ring my grandmother wore.

Let's do it when he comes.


I'll never forget my first experience.

They got to a village under a hill.

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The birds placed a nest on a branch.


Their articles are exceptional, even considering that they have already been very successful.

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I've known Mr Smith for many years.