I have a few tickets in row 15.

It was just a hunch.

Stay close to me.

This letter says he is going to marry Grace next month.

He was almost petrified with terror.

That would be the best.

Please get out the homework.

Prices went to amazingly low levels.

Shel is the one who's rich.

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I never told them that.

Since when do you care about lacrosse?

I'll help you to the best of my power.

Niall was raised in an orphanage.

That day proved to be the turning point in his career.

Lindsey drank some poison by mistake.

He doesn't go to the office on Saturday.

When I opened the window, I saw children playing baseball.

Cleaning is necessary.

Try breathing through your mouth.

So far as he was concerned, things were going well.

What's the name of this bird?

It must be a nightmare to clean this place.

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Tell Masanobu I'll be picking him up.


I'm never happier than when I'm by myself.

It's the last time I ask Allan a question.

Can we just drop it?

An infinitive without a 'to' attached is called a bare infinitive.

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday.

I don't feel inclined to play baseball today.

That's really disgusting.

I can teach you how to translate.

We don't have enough cake to go around.


I'm so stupid, I completely believed her.

Doyle has been badly wounded.

I relayed the message to Archie.

Shuvra isn't the kind of man who would do that kind of thing.

I have a date with him tonight.

Would you care to comment?

Will you go for lost balls?


It was meant as a compliment, so I didn't want to tell him that he had missed the point.

He is accurate in his work.

How can people be so blind?

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She was very nervous.


How many languages have you recognized?


It will take some time.

I know Gigi is working late tonight.

He knows how to fly a helicopter.

He lives above his means.

Carlo was doing all the talking.


They grow strawberries in their greenhouse.

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Strange things have happened around here.

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This is an easy mistake to make.

Leads ate the leftover pizza for breakfast.

I know exactly when that happened.

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When I got the phone call telling me of my father's death, I was completely flustered.


He could swim free in the lake.

According to your story, Laura left this bakery around 7 o'clock.

That's a pretty impressive list.


It may well be that you're right.

It isn't safe to walk alone at night.

Carol isn't a bad person.

Next week I have an appointment with the dentist.

Brent drove to the hotel.

He is assiduous in reading as many Russian books as possible.

When did you get back from your trip?

I don't want to be cruel.

What am I being considered for?

I've seen this movie twice.

What do you make of this?

I thought it was all over.

That is why I was late for class yesterday.

Do you already know the new song?

Bob didn't marry Claudia.


Why don't you stay with us for a few weeks?

The three neighbours helped each other.

The men all wore hats.

We've made a final decision.

Sometimes, I think not all humans are sentient beings.


The girl flung her arms around him.

Let's get out of here while we still can.

You've already told me that.

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His name is known to everyone.

Let me stay here.

That looks suspicious to me.


How is your cold?

The police are looking into the cause of the traffic accident.

I know why Patrick isn't here today.

I listened, but I heard nothing.

I'm really sorry, but I seem to have misplaced your scarf.

Close the door after you when you leave the room.

Classes are over.

He was told to expect her help.

She is not pretty, to be sure, but she is very clever.

No one knows for sure.

Lisa suspects that there is something unnatural about Rafik's passion for stoats.

I hope they found a cure.

I have to clean that up.

It looks like you've lost some weight.

I still say we should've helped Jean-Christophe.

God made the country and man made the town.

The carburetor wasn't the problem. You needed a new fuel pump.

Every separation is a taste of death.

Lindsay disappeared into the restaurant.

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You might see them there.

He is now almost as tall as his father is.

I had a great teacher.


Incompetent people are the ones who talk the most.


Pratap helped me with the move.

Today is the first day of fall.

Shirley allowed the police to search his home.


Does he have a bicycle?

Is anybody home?

He did it out of kindness.

I didn't know dogs did that.

You were manipulating him.

Nigel is past his prime.

Masanobu isn't much of a tennis player.

I thought Betsy said it was his dog.

He's in prison.

Leora is my problem.

I'm a klutz.

Marguerite is worried about his health.

He will be waiting for you about two o'clock.

I intend to take a month's vacation on completion of this work.

Devon is very handsome.

There are about 6 billion people in the world.

Nyotaimori is where food, like sashimi, is laid out on a naked woman.

How can love love love?

I have to think about the possiblities.

Pierce is downstairs.

A nervous person will not be fit for this job.

We were all pleased to be so cheaply quit of him.

Stan doesn't care what Cliff does or doesn't do.


Eduardo's dog ate the breadcrumbs.

Moran wants to buy out his partner.

I don't like that lawyer you hired for me.

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I play tennis every day.

Upon seeing that, he stood up.

Take a seat in the armchair and calm down a while.


He has a beautiful young wife.


She just ate sushi and drank beer.

I'd like to make an appointment for a cleaning.

He will pass the coming examination.

Ask him not to go there.

The smaller the body, the more likely the person will suffer from the ill effects of radiation.

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Apologizing isn't going to heal hundreds of second-degree burns, sir.

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Most people say that the best way to learn a foreign language is to learn from a native speaker.

There's not much snow on the ground.

I wonder if you'd do me a favor.

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What did you do yesterday evening?

Andrew died at home.

I cry whenever I listen to this song.

He's a bit of a drunkard.

Could we get out of here?

He felt very lonely.

There was nothing Lex could do about it.


I find her very pretty.

Isamu Kobayashi received the patronage of Rohan Koda.

I was going to quit anyway.

You'll get one.

The reason why we have two ears and only one mouth is so that we may listen more and talk less.

He took a taxi to the station.

Why aren't you in your uniform?

Kerry complained that a light-fingered pilferer who'd briefly brushed against him at the crowded train station had carried off his wallet.

I despise him.

Hard work made Jack who he is today.

Does Kory know where Kimberly was born?


Close the window, please.