Using Pennsylvania’s Idle Brownfields for Renewable Energy

Join the Energy and Environment Project at the Pennsylvania Brownfields Association’s Annual meeting in King of Prussia on December 9-11.  Peter Meyer, our Economic Development advisor, will be addressing renewable energy systems as interim — and in some instances permanent — uses for previously contaminated sites for which there is no real estate demand. The conference URL is </>.

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Show Me the Money! Raising Investment Funds for Clean Energy Programs

On Thursday, December 5, 2013; 2:00-3:30 p.m. EST, the Energy and Environment Project’s Economic Development specialist, Peter Meyer, will present a free webinar offering an introduction to clean energy financing options to small local governments, economic development authorities, and non-profit organizations that wish to seek financing from private institutions to launch clean energy programs. Discussion will focus on different types of financing and lenders will and how they are likely to respond to the risks and opportunities associated with clean energy program funding. The webinar will then move to presentation of a step-by-step process for approaching lenders will be reviewed. Register now.

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Energy and Environment Project Economic Development specialist Peter Meyer will be anchoring a webinar hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy from 3:00 to 4:30 on November 7, addressing how communities can use energy efficiency and renewable energy programs as local economic development initiatives. Come and join him and presenters from Babylon, NY and Newton, IA, who will discuss their municipalities’ successes. You can register for free at </>.

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Come to Philadelphia’s Sustainable Energy Conference

Philadelphia’s pathbreaking Energy Coordinating Agency is holding its 2013 Sustainable Energy Conference on November 6.  The Energy and Environment Project will be there to hear about and discuss Philadelphia  Gas Works and PECO energy conservation initiatives and the storm water management efficiency efforts of the Philadelphia Water Company. We’ll also get a chance to hear what candidates for Pennsylvania’s governorship propose as energy policies for the Commonwealth. Come and join us!

The event will be in central Philadelphia, at PECO’s Energy Hall. For details, just go the ECA website announcing the event.

See you there!

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Join us in Atlanta at Brownfields2013

Energy and Environment Project Vice President Peter B. Meyer will be participating in Brownfields2013 in Atlanta on May 15-17. In addition to serving as a member of the Panel of Brownfield Experts offering Advisory Panel Consultations as party of the Brownfields Redevelopment Forum, Dr. Meyer will also act as one of the Judges for the Best Poster Presentation at the conference.

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Next week, some of our personnel will be at  the 2013 Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference — April 16-18 in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

The Energy and Environment Project is a convener, but we will be there as participants and observers, not presenters.  Come and join us to learn and interact with others that share your economic, social and environmental objectives.

In 2012, we saw that the impacts of climate change are no longer just a possibility, they are a reality. We’ve all seen what climate change can do – severe weather events and droughts – and Hurricane Sandy provided a glimpse of how unprepared our communities and infrastructure are for if disaster strikes. With more than 60 workshops, 220 presenters, the conference promises to have something for everyone who shares our concern for tackling climate change.

The conference website is 3074178912.

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Welcome to our Website

The Energy and Environment Project applies the tools of the social and planning sciences to address the threats to people and the earth posed by the production, distribution and consumption processes of our advanced industrial society.

Please have a look at our past engagement, people, and publications on line.

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