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I'm leaving on a trip at the beginning of winter.


The school is closed.

He taught his students how we all depend on each other.

The young should be kind to the old.

If you're coming, I'm not.

This fairy could take any shape she pleased. All the day long she flew about in the form of an owl, or crept about the country like a cat; but at night she always became an old woman again.

Reiner washed the car this morning.

They were calm in the face of disaster.


I thought Colin was kidding me.


May I have a word with you?

You always talk back to me, don't you?

You're going to need better shoes.


Many people go to church on Christmas Eve.

It's been cleaned.

I'm considering resigning.


To make matters worse, it began snowing.


I take partial responsibility.

I had to study hard to keep up with the other students.

You haven't said anything to Lin, have you?

A wooden bed is better than a golden coffin.

It took them two years to build the house.

I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating crackers.

Many local traditions have fallen into decay in recent years.

I wonder whose footprints these are.

She's very particular about her choice of hotels.

I was already tired.

We'll leave now.

I saw her hide something.

Have lunch.


She interrupted him while he was speaking to my father.


Do you dare or not?


I cannot read his comics without laughing.


That's not always the case.


I'm getting sent to Boston again.


Laurel's strategy for language learning is to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.


Have you ever seen Bucky and Mikael in the same room together?


I'll go right now.

There's no reason to worry.

You're such a lovely audience.

Norbert waits for the medical report feeling nervous but hopeful that she does not have cancer.

I'm going to bed.

Was it acceptable to you?

Patricio is a bit pale.

Should he be given another chance, he would do his best.

How many websites do you visit per day?

Who's watching Donne?

The country is renowned for the beauty of its mountain scenery.

History is the teacher of life.

This one is on me.

Siegurd lives in Wales.

We can't leave here without Karl.

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That store employs eight clerks.

I can't talk to them.

This train is the last train to the world's end.


Can I get half a kilo of chicken legs, please?

Imogen of the Internet has created a seminal classification of thirty distinct varieties of chatspeak, some now facing linguistic extinction.

We'll see you then.

Arthur showed us his photo album.

Where did Ralph go yesterday?

I'm doing the speed limit.

All of my friends can speak French.

I want to come, too.

We wanted to make this trip to see our friends.

Can't you tell me about it?

I got tired of looking at that painting.

I feel a strong affinity for her.

It was a question none of us could answer.

They added a woman to the committee.

Lee no longer had a way to supply his troops in Petersburg.

The bank accommodated him with a loan of 10,000 yen.

I think that whoever created the Universe, a hole in the sky above him, also had no idea what is the "Universe".

I allege that you are wrong, so I don't want to say a word anymore.

I knew it wasn't you.

The intention that he is watching a television is nonexistent.

Sometimes you surprise me.

Let's rent a bike there.

The song had a melody that went like this.

This better not be a trap.

I hate not being able to understand things when people are speaking French.

Fifty families live in this tiny village.

What did you buy from them?

She went with him to the movies.

I'm sure you won't enjoy it.


I have the worst luck with women.

It's hard to understand his ideas.

He was killed.

Call an exterminator.

The problem should be solved.

The Conservative Party won the election in 1992.

The principal cause of death in refugee camps is the lack of nourishment.

We need each other.

Christopher Columbus once walked into a McDonald's and ordered a Happy Meal. It did not make him happy, but he liked the toy.

We'd better get it out of here.

Walter is alone out on the balcony.

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I think Taurus might be seeing someone.

You're no longer children.

I'm glad no one died.

I knew that the bill would be rejected.

It tastes very good, doesn't it?

Why are you flinching?

I just need to know you're OK.

There's still a lot to demonstrate.

Smoke was rising from the chimney.

May I borrow your car tonight?

Rents will go up next month.

I thought Norm had convinced Sonny not to buy that.

I have never kissed a guy before.


I'm going to tell you how to do that.

Jun has published many papers on the subject.

Tracey said he couldn't remember his own phone number.

His love grew cold.

What's this about?

Alberto suggested that Pam sing the new song she'd been practicing.

Let him do the dirty work.

May it help opening the door?

Rees can fix the heater.


I'll be jealous.

I think the answer is yes.

I want you to come back with me.


She took some meat from the plate.


I have some great news.

May the best man win.

He cannot have said that.

He shall have it.

How can I stop him?

Pandora never returned home.

This is none of your business.

Lar competes in ski races.

She said that she had things that she needed to do and that she would be back later.


The royal navy of England hath ever been its greatest defense and ornament; it is its ancient and natural strength; the floating bulwark of our island.

I'm not a crook.

I want to go to New York.

She has red hair, so they gave her the nickname "Carrot".

I told Molly myself.


Dan has some information for Linda.

You don't sound confident.

The dog kept me from approaching his house.

I have two gifts for friends.

I'm going to go take a nap.

We were only together a few months.

I don't recycle them.

How much is it going to cost me to mend this skirt?

My father often washes the dishes.


All the cars in this garage belong to List.

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Teenagers often break rules.

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In the lights of some, freedom necessarily includes the freedom to starve.

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Philippe will probably be late.

She turned down all of her suitors.

Jun didn't even want to go to the park.

He is a creep.

I'd like to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to make my sentences better.


A variety of books are displayed there.


Carole is a beekeeper.

Next week, I'm going to New York.

It is the fruit of hard work and a well-prepared plan.

I need help right now!

I have a few questions for both of you.


Norm and Dimetry played catch for a while.


You can speak as you actually feel.


He checked out of the hotel.

Have you ever argued with your parents?

Robert enjoyed talking with his girlfriend.


Which floor is it?

I saw him a short time ago.

Rees owns a small store next to the petrol station.