This is my problem and I'll deal with it.

Contributing to Tatoeba is easy and fun.

Grace hasn't lived in Boston for many years.

We've got to go warn her.

Have you any idea what you've done?

Srinivasan wanted to get out of bed, but he couldn't.


Kamiya nervously shuffled his feet.


Rodent certainly wasn't making much noise last night when we passed his house.


I must bring home the fact that he is wrong in this case.

Brent and Suyog think they know everything.

She made up her mind to stay with us for a while.

You haven't changed.

Why did he dare sabotage the experiment?

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The excited crowd poured out of the stadium.


The play began exactly on time.

Do you mind if I come along?

In believing him to be an honest man, I was seriously in error.


We were supposed to tell everyone to leave.

This is the right answer.

She looked me angrily in the face.

Do you really know?

Valeria is a preacher.

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Do you write in Arabic?

Gold is more precious than any other metal.

Marlena said you needed a haircut.

Naresh did what he promised me he'd do.

Can you change these travelers checks?

What about?

Evelyn slept more than twelve hours yesterday.

I'm going to Paris this month.

Tell them we're ready to go.

Panacea is the one who'll do the cooking.

Jeffie should've won last night.


Next time, speak to me more carefully.

He's a florist.

Janet bought a skirt and a blouse.


Don't sound so surprised. You know I can do whatever I want to do.

I came to buy vegetables.

Only your narrow-minded ideas are interesting.

Laura didn't tell me her name.

Don't touch my daughter!

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That story can't be true.

We have a long walk ahead of us.

Christofer noticed Root's bed hadn't been slept in.

Sprinkle the gratin with parmesan.

You're always welcome here, Anne.

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Marguerite loves playing football.

Maybe we'll meet him in the street.

Axel wondered why Kitty was late.

I can work late.

Don't shout, the neighbours will hear you!

You should have mentioned it at the outset.

I went three blocks out of my way.

Griff is very busy at this time.

Differential equations are equations involving derivatives.

Marilyn isn't as rich as Subra.

They arrested the culprit around six months later.

In any decision one makes there is a weighing of options.

Luc is in good position.


Tony is a well-behaved boy.

I told Tigger everything.

Forgive me, but I have no change.

It's in terminal 1.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

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The dolphin and trainer communicated much better than we expected.


I want to ask them something.

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If there is anything I cannot stand it's filthy teeth.


Ask them instead.


I'm sick of all the complaints.


You should have knocked before you came in.

He left a while ago.

I didn't use to watch so much television.

It depends on whether or not we are able to get tickets.

He likes to smoke in the toilet.

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It didn't seem wrong.

That is the sort of job I am cut out for.

The cup was empty.

He plays Minecraft day in, day out.

Our streets flood when we have rain.

We're expecting.

She ascertained that the novel was based on facts.

When you are caught on the horns of a dilemma, think of the frescoes of Knossos.

Could you fill out the medical certificate for my son's school?

When you talk of the devil you will hear his bones rattle.

In older people, wounds take a long time to heal.

I doubt if he will come on time.

I feared they might injure themselves.

The company faced a major interruption in business when a fire destroyed their archive of computer hard drives and optical discs.

Finish drinking your milk.

It's raining here, too.

We were all rooting for Ramsey.


I'm a bit rusty.

Has Vadim ever caused problems for anybody?

Are you going to be much longer?

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Don't feel obligated to talk if you don't want to.

Nguyen reluctantly accepted the gift.

Better be half hanged than ill wed.

Ian is having difficulty breathing.

You're safe now.


I'll show you who's in charge!

Why are you always talking about Radek?

We drew lots to decide who would go first at the early morning reception desk.

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I propose a short rest.

You're not giving me much choice.

Everything was pointing to this answer.

He left the water running.

He has blue eyes and blond hair.


She wore a sad expression.

Please tell Bruce I can't come to his party.

She is certainly over forty.

Her grandmother lived to be eighty-eight years old.

I don't want to learn your language.

She felt a sigh of relief when the work was done.

The students could not give an answer.

She doesn't even remember me.

Alejandro spent the afternoon messing around in his garage.

But there really are people who choose friendship over love because they are afraid to lose a friend. They are scared to try because they know that if they try and the relationship fails, then even the friendship will be gone.

Why is Ricky here?

I never got an answer from them.

How do you know those guys won't try to kill us?


Those who missed the test must take it tomorrow.

She was very surprised when she heard the news.

I have seen Mt. Fuji.

Her feelings were not reciprocated.

Elvis had another glass of wine.

White smoke billowed from the Sistine Chapel.

I don't have anything to feel guilty about.


What does Jagath have in mind?


My leg hurts now.

I knew you'd tell me how to do it.

What he said yesterday is inconsistent with what he said last week.


They say he is the best tennis player.

I tried to get Christofer to help me.

He had his car stolen in broad daylight.

Today the first tranche of investments in the project account was received.

It is not easy to be understood by everybody.

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I might need some persuading.

You said you never saw them.

I'll try to get a lay of the land before I start contributing.

The tragedy must be remembered so that it is not repeated.

I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, 'Why is this guy making such a big deal of this?' But make no mistake. This is essential.

I'll probably be arriving late to the office.

I slept through his dull speech.


You're actually early.


Nelken told Emil he'd never met John.

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The old woman was taken to a hospital, but she died not long after.

I can't study anywhere in my house. It's too noisy.

Having read the newspaper, I know about the accident.


What should you do if you are bitten by a cobra?

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Something terrifying happened that day.


Janos's birthday will be soon. I am going to bake a cake for her.

Days get longer by about 1.7 millisecond per century because the moon is slowing the Earth's rotation.

From childhood I dreamt of being a pastry cook.

I'm so worn out.

Jenine is very busy with his work.

I'm not used to talking about my life with people whom I don't know.

I'm trying to reach him.

Turn around and close your eyes.

I got an IV at the hospital.

What is Ken doing now?

You open the door.

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All of my friends have bicycles.


People were choked with the gas.